Holiday Leftovers (Literally)

In addition to the last day of 2008, yesterday was “take the decorations down day” at our house.

And here’s what you get when the tree comes down (especially after it sat without fresh water for a few days while we were away).

Sorry the picture’s a bit dark, but you get the idea.

No, that’s not a monster. Those are needles. Tons of ’em.

These needles were no match for the Dyson!

These needles were no match for the Dyson!

Stay tuned for the 2009 I Got Nothin’ New Year’s Resolutions — as well as a look back at how we did on our 2008 resolutions.
What else? I got nothin’.

Merry Christmas

I won’t bore you with where I’ve been or what’s been going on. The short versions? Right here. And a lot.

Crazy part is, I’ve actually missed this lately. And, I got a pretty amazing comment from someone recently that I’ll share with you when I get back into the swing of things.

Christmas is in full effect beginning at 4 p.m. Christmas Eve with the annual celebration with my family. Nothing better than Christmas Eve dinner featuring Chinese food followed by presents and smiles and more.

Who knows what time we’ll be up Christmas morning, but I’m sure it’ll be early. Quick time with presents and such with Aidan and Erin and then it’s off to the airport.

Yup, we’re flying to FL Christmas Day to visit Renee’s family. First time in I don’t know how long that her parents and the three kids will be in the same room at Christmas. We’ll spend a good chunk of time at Sea World, too. We’ll be down there for five days.

Then back to celebrate the New Year and away we go. And, so you know, you’re all a part of my New Year’s Resolution list…honest!

In the mean time, thanks (really!) for sticking with me. My best to you for a great Christmas.

And, here are a few pics to keep you coming back for more (I hope!).


It might be our best tree yet.


That’s one proud builder!


The sweetest girl. Ever.

Merry Christmas to all of you from all of us here at Mike’s Got Nothin’.

Since We Last Met…

Greetings, one and all.

Glad to be back. The I Got Nothin’ holiday hiatus is over — at least for the time being.

This is just a quick post to let you know what’s been going on in I Got Nothin’ World. More on these topics and others to come very soon. Honest!

Without further adieu, since we we were last together:


Erin enjoyed her first Christmas (at least we think she did). But, more importantly, at long last, she cut her first tooth!


Aidan definitely enjoyed his Christmas. The reaction to the toys and other presents is one thing, but the absolute belief in Santa and the reindeer etc, well, to steal a line, it’s priceless.


The Patriots went 16-0. And, oh by the way, I was there.

Oh yeah, and I met Clink.

That’s all for now, readers! Have to leave you with a little suspense, right?

What else? I got nothin’.

The Tree


Aidan leads the quest for the perfect tree.


Just pick one already, will you, Dad?


We’re much happier now.


I’m just going to wait right here for Santa.

The Magic of Christmas

The Christmas whirlwind has ended — I think.

But, while I wonder how this post-Christmas week (which I always take for vacation) always go by so fast, it’s fun to remember some of the very cool things that happened during any of our three Christmases.

First, my family gathers at my mom’s on Christmas Eve. Chinese food is the traditional meal before presents. Then, we gather in the living room, over stuffing it as best we can.

I have three siblings. This year, we decided to draw names among siblings and spouses/significant others. It worked out pretty well. We bought for one person in that group and then everyone bought for the kids.

Despite that plan, however, it seemed like there were more gifts than ever under Mom’s always great-looking tree.

My son opened his first package and basically threw it down in disgust. It was sort of funny. He got clothes as his first present….and while all the other clothes he got were a hit, this first present wasn’t so much a winner. A toy would have been better. But, what can you do.

He did amazingly well and got lots of great stuff.

Then, Christmas morning was at our house. He was into Christmas so much this year. Totally getting everything. My wife and I were excited for what Christmas morning was going to be like. He woke up at 6 a.m., which was great. For the first 10 minutes as he woke up, it was like a normal day. We were just talking to him in his crib, nothing major.

Then, it was like something went off in his head…he sort of stopped in the middle of talking, looked quizzically at us both and said, “Santa come?”

And from that point on, the next two hours were pure magic. I’ll never do it justice with words, but it might have been the most fun time yet as a parent. This was just the perfect age for him and Christmas. So innocent. So fun.

Then, after our house, we did it all over again — this time at my in-laws. We went over for breakfast and then did our third set of presents in less than 24 hours. Pretty good odds for a 2 1/2 year old. More great stuff for him. More smiles. More wonder. More just pure Christmas joy.

I knew it would be fun this year. But this was more than I could have imagined.

What else? I got nothin’.

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Ok, consider this the official Christmas rambling entry.

Here goes.

I realized this year that I’m fine with the standard form letter that comes in Christmas cards. I was never a big fan. But this year, I realized, you know what, they come from people that are my friends. If not, why are they on the card list in the first place? So, if I don’t talk to them that often, isn’t it good to catch up with them — even if it’s through a letter that me and God knows how many other people are getting?

Speaking of Christmas cards, I think it’s funny — very funny — when you get a card from a couple and one person (usually the woman) writes out the greeting and then signs her name, followed by the guy just signing his name. It just looks funny. At least to me.

Gift baskets. Gift baskets. Gift baskets. The office is loading up on gifts from vendors. The early favorites? Ginger lemon cookies, some cheesey sourdough things, peanuts that don’t really taste like peanuts (yet we like them) and, of course, chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

I just realized this morning that I haven’t heard the Hanukkah song once this year.

My son has a new job at home — plugging in the Christmas tree each morning. Not sure which is brighter…the lights on the tree or the magic in his eyes.

I’m all for charity. I really am. But how annoying is that Salvation Army bell?

In other office gift news. I’ve had someone plant a tree in my name, as well as someone donating a bike in my name.

That’s nice and all. But, don’t these people know that there are other things I need.

What else? I got nothin.