You Tell Me.


I want to start writing more. Need to do that. And will do that.

But, honestly, right now, I’m not having great luck coming up with some topics. I’ve got one lined up for later this week, but you’ll see that in due time.

And, thanks to the beauty of Facebook, more people have seen this blog lately.

To those viewers, as well as any other newcomers, is there anything you’re dying to read about from me?

Anything that I’ve said here intrigue you that you want to know more about?

This is your chance to control the content a bit. If you so desire.

Help me get things going again.

(And, I know I’ve said this before, but I’m not going to write the Rachel Ray story until my friend Christine and I can do it together. We’ll get there!)

Ok, the floor is yours.

5 Comments on “You Tell Me.”

  1. Melissa Gifford says:

    Not be offensive in anyway, but it sure sounds to me like you have an amazing family support system surrounding you.

  2. Okay. I’ll bite. I’m not on Facebook, but I’ve been writing frequently. I want to hear what you have to say. Tell me something about yourself that you haven’t said. I’ll wait. Go ahead. Telll me what moves you. I dare you!

  3. MKinane says:

    This is too easy… …how about a “pointing half-my-finger at you” story?

  4. michgal18 says:

    I would love to here how your kids have changed you. You know, I am on a kid kick these days.

  5. christine says:

    Doesn’t it figure that I check your blog for the first time in a long time (sorry about that) and the Rachel Ray story pops up again? It must be fate – so let’s do it. It’s about time I resurrected my blog, anyway!

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