Because of Mom…


Meet my Mom.

You’ve heard a bit about her — especially recently. Yup, this is the woman you’ve been sending good thoughts to. They seem to have worked, by the way, so thanks again for that.

Some of you have had the pleasure of meeting her. Others, I wish you could be so lucky.

In case you don’t get the chance to meet her, let me tell you a bit about her.

First, her name is Jackie. So, we always joke around and call her the “real Jackie O.” It may not sound funny, but it’s a family thing, and we like it.

Mom is one of two children, and she gave birth to four — one of whom she’s already buried. As a parent, I can’t even imagine the pain that must cause. I know it does/did, but she does a fairly good job of keeping things in. So I’m not sure we’ll ever quite know. But that’s OK. Because, you know what? It hurt me enough as it is, I don’t really need to know all the hurt it caused her.

Especially since she did that after burying her husband. Now, granted, that hurt like hell, too, but I still don’t think it even touches the other loss. No offense to my Dad, of course.

Mom was a teacher. Heck, she still is. She teaches us things all the time. A lifetime of lessons. Here are a few:

Because of Mom, you’re reading this blog. If you think I’m a good writer, then, well,  you’ve got the real Jackie O to thank for that. I drew all of my skill directly from her. And I can’t be more proud of that. So thanks, Mom.

Because of Mom, I tend to organize events I’m involved in. It’s not that I need to be in charge of something — it’s just that it runs a lot better when I am. That’s from my Mom.

Because of Mom, I’ve learned the value of hard work. Mom worked hard for anything she’s ever done. That lesson hasn’t been lost on me. I remember one day coming home with a not so fantastic progress report. Mom and Dad sat me down. It wasn’t about me getting a C, they said. It was that I was capable of more and I needed to work at it. If that’s what I was capable of, then they’d be excited. But they knew that it wasn’t, so they were disappointed. And there was no stronger lesson for me than not wanting to disappoint my parents again.

Because of Mom, I’m thrifty. Not cheap. Just thrifty. 

Because of Mom, I’m funny. It’s from her that I get my sense of humor. Dry and subtle. 

Because of Mom, I’m used to a family dinner every night (or as much as possible). She always had a dinner at the table for us. Something I’ll always remember.

Because of Mom, I never leave a wedding without thanking the parents of the bride and groom for having me as their guest.

Because of Mom I always wear clean underwear. “Never know when you’re going to be in an accident and need an ambulance, and you don’t want to go that route and have them discover you aren’t wearing clean underwear.” Yup, that’s Mom.

Because of Mom, I write thank you notes. And because of Mom Aidan and Erin write thank you notes. It goes back to the writing thing.

Because of Mom, I have high expectations — for pretty much anything.

Because of Mom, I don’t mind being introduced as “the baby” or “Precious” — even though I’m 39.

Because of Mom, there’s no other woman I admire more.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.

4 Comments on “Because of Mom…”

  1. Carrie says:

    Thank you Mom for giving us Mike. He is a colleague, coworker and friend many of us would not know what to do without.

    Moms are the bomb!

  2. Sara says:

    Beautiful post Mike.

  3. Ford Cawlins says:

    Nice, Mike. I just had my Mom in town. Put her on the plane today. I think I may need to thank my Mom after reading your post. I assume she knows, but it won’t hurt. And because I just caught up today, you will have new good vibes going east from Colorado for Jackie O.

  4. Melissa says:

    Moms are the best!

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