Reader’s Choice

So I used to love to roller skate.

And it was always fun to hear the DJ talk about what was coming up. “Shoot the duck.” “Backwards skate.” “Ladies’ choice.” “Guys choice.”

Well, this is like blog roller skating and the DJ just called “Reader’s Choice.”

The floor is yours. Tell me something you want me to write about.

Ask me a question.

I know there are a lot of new folks reading me (thank you, by the way!), and I know some of you have been going through my archives.

So what has piqued your curosity?

What question do you want to ask?

What story do you want me to tell?

Speak up. The floor is yours.

I Hope You’re Still Here

It seems like forever since I’ve been here.

Oh, that’s because it has. Well, maybe not forever. But close.

How have you been? Still checking in with me to see if I’ve dropped by with some words of …well, I was going to say wisdom, but not sure I really offer those.

Hope you’ve been well. And if you have been stopping by, my apologies.

Things have just been nuts. And by things I mean work. And by work I mean, are you kidding? Seriously. Are you kidding?

Is it a good thing when you know the third shift security guys by name? And they know you by the voice when you call them on the phone to say you’re leaving the office at 11:30, 12 or even 12:30? No, not a good thing.

But, as my favorite saying (well, I got nothin’ is my favorite…so I guess this is my second favorite) goes, it is what it is.

Just a lot going on. A lot of uncertainty. A lot of questions. (wait, those are basically the same thing, right?).

Just a lot of stuff. And, for some reason, I’m one of those that is crazy dedicated to the job, so I go back some nights after the kids are down and as Renee is correcting papers. I go back because I can get more done in three hours at night then I can in eight hours during the day. What’s wrong with that picture?

Should I be going back? Probably not. But it’s the only way. And it’s the only way I know how to do it. And, it doesn’t help that I’m under some scrutiny right now (no reason for the scrutiny, mind you…it’s just my time in the department to be under it). And it sucks.

But, bottom line? I love what I do. And I love where I do it. And I love who I do it with. You can’t find a better team. And when you have connections with some of these people like I do, you work not just for the place, not just for yourself, but for each other.

It’s what we do.

So, in the meantime, thanks for sticking with me. I’ve had these little hiatuses in the past, and, for some reason, you’ve stuck with me. Which means I’m going to stick with you.

I mean, get this. Through the beauty of facebook I’m connecting with people I went to elementary school with. One of them sent me a message the other day and said that she found the blog and was reading it. Like, all of it. Said it was better than a book.

I mean, that continues to blow me away. This started for me. It was a place to just let go. Now, it’s also for you. And I never really thought it would be for anyone else but me. And I suppose it really still is — but the thing is, if you’re reading this — for whatever reason — then you’re a part of me, too.

So, in that respect, this isn’t just mine.

It’s yours, too.

Another Aidanism

So we’re driving in the car today, and the conversation goes something like this:

“What’s that building over there?”

“It’s a restaurant.”

“What’s it called?”


“So all the food is cold?”

Can’t make this stuff up.

I’m Stellar. (Or so I’m told.)

No, I didn’t call myself stellar. But someone did.


A customer service rep for DIRECTV. That’s who.

It all started, for the record, with a call to AT&T customer service. (Stick with me, it’ll make sense.)

So we got a promo mailing with some discount options on phone service. And, it turns out, AT&T and DIRECTV are now partners, which opened the door for some other savings options.

Sue from AT&T answered my call. And she was fabulous. I told her I wanted to lower our monthly bill and see what I could do with this mailing they had just sent me.

Within five minutes, my monthly phone charges were down $8, and my high speed internet was given a special price for the next six months — saving us, during that time, a total of about $23 per month.

Nice. Thanks, Sue!

I then asked her about the DIRECTV special promo. She said I could save $5 off my monthly bill with DIRECTV just for being a customer with AT&T. I like it when my providers are working together — for me!

Sue got Francine from DIRECTV on the line and we went through the necessary information. Turns out my package is no longer offered — so we had to upgrade the package (which gets me 17 extra channels) in order to save. Bottom line, in addition to getting the Sportsmen’s Channel (jealous?), I’m going to save $3 per month on that bill.

The promo offered three months of Showtime and HBO. I asked about that. Francine told me I already had Showtime. I told her I didn’t. She told me I did. That I got it last week to celebrate my anniversary of being a DIRECTV customer. And, because I’m a “stellar customer” (honest, she said it!), they gave me Showtime for a year for being loyal.

Since I’m stellar, I couldn’t resist asking about the three free months of HBO. “No problem at all, sir. I can’t say no to someone as stellar as you.”

Um, yeah. I love this.

So, the bottom line — AT&T and DIRECTV rock. And, after 20 minutes on the phone, I saved almost $30 per month, got more channels and was told something many of you already know.

That I’m stellar.