Merry Christmas

I won’t bore you with where I’ve been or what’s been going on. The short versions? Right here. And a lot.

Crazy part is, I’ve actually missed this lately. And, I got a pretty amazing comment from someone recently that I’ll share with you when I get back into the swing of things.

Christmas is in full effect beginning at 4 p.m. Christmas Eve with the annual celebration with my family. Nothing better than Christmas Eve dinner featuring Chinese food followed by presents and smiles and more.

Who knows what time we’ll be up Christmas morning, but I’m sure it’ll be early. Quick time with presents and such with Aidan and Erin and then it’s off to the airport.

Yup, we’re flying to FL Christmas Day to visit Renee’s family. First time in I don’t know how long that her parents and the three kids will be in the same room at Christmas. We’ll spend a good chunk of time at Sea World, too. We’ll be down there for five days.

Then back to celebrate the New Year and away we go. And, so you know, you’re all a part of my New Year’s Resolution list…honest!

In the mean time, thanks (really!) for sticking with me. My best to you for a great Christmas.

And, here are a few pics to keep you coming back for more (I hope!).


It might be our best tree yet.


That’s one proud builder!


The sweetest girl. Ever.

Merry Christmas to all of you from all of us here at Mike’s Got Nothin’.

Another Aidanism

Temperatures are dropping here in New England. So, among other things, it means that birds are flying south.

And, as they do, they are often stopping on local telephone and other utility wires for a break on their way to warmer climates.

One morning, on our way to day care, we saw, probably 100 or more birds on some wires outside a nearby supermarket.

“Daddy,” said Aidan, “it’s a bird party.”

“You’re right, bud, I think it is,” I replied.

“But, Daddy, I don’t see the cake anywhere.”

I didn’t know what to say, so I came out with, “Me either, bud.”


Name the Van

OK, so, if you don’t recall (and I wouldn’t blame you, because I blogged about it like 57 months ago), I hit a deer. Buh-bye, Honda Civic.

So, we took the insurance check and upgraded to, a, um, minivan.

We got a great deal on a 2007 Nissan Quest. And it happens to be red, as you can see here:


Our new pride and joy.

And here:


Kind of sleek and sporty, eh? Go ahead, admit it!

The kids love it. A ton more room for them — and new places to explore!


Aidan can’t wait to get the keys!

And Erin seems to enjoy it so far, too:


Lots of room to explore!

So, here’s the thing — the van rocks. Very smooth ride and more room than you could ever need.

But it’s missing one serious thing:

A name.

I’ve come up with three choices. And now, I’m asking for your votes.

Should we call this jazzy new ride:

A. Big Red

B. Red Rocket

C. Red Rider

D. Something else (you tell us!)

So, take a close look, and let me know what you think. I know my choice, but we’ll see how your thoughts come out.

So, Where Exactly is Jesus?

Don’t worry, the title of this post will make sense — eventually.

Christmas is a time when I always think fondly about my Dad. We did so much together during that time — traditions that I’m glad to be carrying on to this day and hopefully instilling the importance of them in Aidan as my Dad did for me.

What are they?

Well, first is the tree. You don’t get any tree. You get the perfect tree. Really doesn’t matter how long it takes to find it. When you see it, you know. Until you see it, you keep looking. It’s that simple. No need to elaborate further.

The other tradition? In our house, it was the manger. We had a great handmade wooden manger that a friend of the family actually built for my older brothers. However, they grew out of putting it up each year, and that’s when it became my job — with Dad’s help.

We had the perfect counter space for it. Long and narrow. It fit perfectly and allowed us the chance to spread out the figures and actually move the wisemen closer and closer each day (not kidding).

I used to love setting up the manger. It was my thing. And, more importantly, it was my thing with my Dad for many years.

After finishing the set up, we always would hide the baby Jesus. Couldn’t have him in the manger until the 25th. So, the question became, where exactly do we put Jesus?

Well, then, we chose the ice bucket. Not sure why, but we did. Jesus was definitely safe there until it was time for his appearance Christmas morning.

I ended up with this great manger — primarily because I’m the only one who truly cared about it. But that’s fine, because now it’s a new tradition in this house. Aidan was aware of it last year, but didn’t really care too much about it.

This year, things were different. He started asking on Thanksgiving afternoon when we could take it out and put it all together. We managed to delay him two days, but come Sunday after Thanksgiving, it was definitely manger time.

Here’s some visual fun for you:


Aidan in front of the manger, without anything put out yet.


We’re halfway there. Every piece is now out of the box.


Finished! Doesn’t it look great!


Kind of a cool manger, eh?


They sure look wise, don’t they? And old. These pieces are at least 35 years old.


So, there’s Mary and Joseph, a few angels and some other animals, but not a sign of Jesus anywhere.

That leads to the question, “So where exactly is Jesus?”

Well, we dont have an ice bucket. So we went to the next best thing.


The wine chicken from Italy. Where else?!

Yup, until Christmas morning, Jesus is sitting in the bottom of this pitcher.

And I suppose you have a better idea? 😉

So, readers, if you do a manger, where exactly is Jesus?

Hi There. Remember Me?

I totally understand if you don’t. Remember me, that is.

I’ve neglected you — not just writing here, but reading and commenting, too. Like everyone, especially this time of year, I’ve got a ton going on.

But, you know what, I’m going to try and commit to this blog at least four times a week through December and see where it gets me. Where that is, I can only imagine, but I have to try.

And, what a better way to start then to show you who came by our yard the other day.

Do you think they came to see the new car? (More on that later this week!)

Seriously, we get deer in our yard on a regular basis, but these past couple days, they’ve been out in the middle of the day. I got a horrible picture, but a picture nonetheless.

Again, I think they are pissed at me for hitting their cousin, and that they decided to come and check me out firsthand. The eating the grass thing is just cover.


So what else? I got nothin’. At least not now. But stay tuned for many more updates this month (if I can do it!). But, for you, I will try. I have neglected you.