Oh, Deer.

Well, if the headline doesn’t give it away, maybe these pictures will.


Say hello to my Honda Civic. You’ll notice by now that a deer did the same thing.


Except that when Bambi said Hi to my car Friday night, I happened to be driving it about 70 mph at the time.

Not a bad start to the weekend, eh?


The good news? I’m OK. I can’t say the same for the deer. But, I don’t think I killed it.

Also good news. Nobody else in the car with me.

I was on my way home for the start of what was going to be (and what turned out to be) a great weekend. Elton John was playing Friday night at a nearby venue and I managed to score a ticket earlier in the day, thanks to a dear (um, no pun intended) friend.

So, on my way home, Elton on the iPod and just cruising along the highway.


Never saw it until it was rolling over my hood. I was in the right lane. It must have come out either leading a friend of his or chasing a friend of his.

Whatever the case, all he did was find me doing about 70.

It happened so fast. I never breaked. Never swerved. Never did anything except run into it.

I started to pull over, mostly to make sure I was fine and settled down. The highway was busy. Not a lot of room in the breakdown lane, so I really didn’t want to get out.

Nothing I could do there anyway. I could tell the hood was pushed up, but I could see fine. I wasn’t injured. Heck, my iPod didn’t even slide off the passenger seat. (And, if you’re wondering, I don’t wear the earphones. I plug mine in through the stereo. There was no safety issue. And, no, I wasn’t on the phone either.)

The car was moving. I was fine. And, I was less than 10 minutes from home, so I just made the decision to keep going — partly out of fear that if I did stop, something would happen to the car and then I’d have to call Renee to come get me. So, away I went.

I called Carrie. She was the one that I got the ticket to the show from.

“Um, I should be at the concert, but if not, it’s because I just hit a deer.”

You know, don’t all conversations start that way?

Then, I was home — right at dinner time — so, you know, no better time to bring up that I was just in an incident involving a deer.

I should also mention that this is the second Bambi I’ve encountered in my life. The other was when we lived in Vermont. And that’s actually a very funny story. Maybe someday you’ll be lucky enough to hear it.

So there’s Renee, putting the kids’ food on the table.

How was your day?

I just hit a deer.


I just hit a deer.

Are you OK?



And the routine became the routine. And that was a good thing. Needed the normalcy there for a minute. While I was fine and all, it was still a somewhat hair-raising moment. Got settled down after a good dinner and made mental notes about who to call.

Insurance. Body shop. Need a rental. (I’m rocking a mitsubishi galant, by the way).

After dinner and assurance that I was OK, it was bedtime for the kids and then Elton time for me.

Took Renee’s car to the venue and walked in just in time to sit down, have a beer, meet some great people and enjoy the master sitting at the piano.

It was the third time I’ve seen Elton, and, honestly, probably the best time. He was stellar. And, if you’re a fan, he hinted that he and Billy Joel will be back out on the road together next year.

But, I digress…

So then Saturday morning, I start the calls. Insurance. Claims. Rental. Ugh. Hate this. But, it’s just a car. I’m OK, the kids are OK. Renee’s OK. It’s the car that’s hurt.

It’s going to be a pain in the ass, but we can do this. Deep breath.

Get the car to the body shop. Clean it out. Move car seats. Oh. The. Joy.

But, here we are. Ready to go. Ready to get on these people starting Monday morning. Get your ass there, adjustor. Let the body shop start on this sooner than later.

And, let my baby (um, that’s the Civic) be OK. The damage actually doesn’t look too bad, but have no idea what it’s like underneath. Because, I can tell you this, going straight was no problem. Turning was a bit of a challenge.

So, that’s the start of my weekend. How did yours start?! Doubt it was as much fun as mine.

Thank goodness for Elton. He made it all better.

15 Comments on “Oh, Deer.”

  1. JC says:

    a deer
    a female deer

    the frontside of your car

    a friend
    who writes a song

    a dear that hit your caaaaaaar

    it’s it the body shop

    Insurance will go up

    the first letter of the word deer

    And you still saw Elton
    John John John John


  2. Oh dear. Glad you are ok and that you made it to the show!

  3. Erin says:

    I echo Anna, glad you’re ok. That just plain sucks (for you and the deer).

  4. Pessimistic Redhead says:

    Your friend JC seems pretty funny. Sorry you hit Bambi (sidenote: have you seen Tommy Boy? The scene where they hit the deer alone is worth the price of a Netflix subscription) but I’m glad everyone is okay. Also, wicked jealous you saw Elton–I LOVE him.

    And man, I hope he and Billy Joel tour together again!!

  5. Elton John – how cool – sorry about the deer making contact with your bumper…

  6. JC says:

    Oh Deer
    What could the matter be

    Mike hit a deer
    his car hood was mashed up

    Let’s hope it wasnt a reindeer that got hit – because….we all know Christmas is just ’round the corner.

  7. Barb says:

    I am glad to hear that you are ok….
    Sorry about the Honda…but hopefully she will be ok too!

  8. Sara says:

    ouch….really glad you were not hurt. Really glad.

  9. Molly says:

    Yikes! But I’m so glad you’re ok.

  10. JC says:


    do u remember that posting where i put on like 26 comments?

    i’m not going to do that here – BUT – that was pretty funny.


  11. JenBun says:

    Oh my god, that is so frightening! Glad you (and everyone else) are OK. Hope your “baby” is too!

    I drove a road that is notorious for leaping deer, up in Northern California, one night at about 2 am. I was positive I was going to die by deer at any second.

    I didn’t.

    My weekend started great, thanks! 😀

  12. Roselia says:

    I too recently hit a deer. However, this deer hunted me down via my driver’s side door. And, much like you, I am a proud Civic owner…never more so than when I realized that deer’s head crashed through my window and was about 2 inches from my head. My car was a little tank (that, unfortunately for me, took almost 3 weeks to repair!). It definitely reminds you what is important. And to keep both hands on the wheel.

  13. Chelle says:

    Dude, what if it was Rudolph and he’s out there with his little nose glowing in the woods. I’m just saying…

  14. Chelle says:

    And yes, I’m super glad you are alive…

  15. Chelle says:

    But if Santa doesn’t come, I’m looking you up…

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