So He Really Does Get It

Every morning, we tell Aidan whether or not the Red Sox won or lost the night before. He always wants to know how Big Papi did and if there are any pictures in the paper.

This morning, as I write this after about 3.5 hours of sleep having suffered through the painful 9-8 loss in Game Two, I tell him:

Hey, bud, Sox lost last night.

Who won, dad?

Tampa Bay won 9-8.

Oh well, you can’t win every time.

That from a four year old. He’ll learn some day, right?!

2 Comments on “So He Really Does Get It”

  1. carrie121870 says:

    out of the mouth of babes… great words
    you have taught him well Mike you should be proud.

    Although it would be nice if he got a little jazzed about the Sox 🙂

  2. JenBun says:

    It’s just one game– there are (potentially) 5 games left… the Red Sox will take the pennant!!! 😀

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