Dad Duty — Day 2

Now, I’m not saying I could get used to this ‘stay at home’ dad thing, but yesterday was a pretty good day.

We headed down to a local state park where they have a great walking/bike trail. I was pushing Erin in the stroller and Aidan was (mostly) riding his three wheeler, with the occasional push(es) from me.

We stopped along the way for a picnic lunch and then finished that part of the trip with a good visit to Dairy Queen before running off some more energy at a nearby park.

As we pulled into Dairy Queen, Aidan says, “Dad, I’m tired of my regular (chocolate ice cream and rainbow sprinkles), I think I want something else today (vanilla with chocolate sprinkles).”

Maybe we have had too much ice cream this summer.

A couple pictures of the adventure below.

Renee has first day with students today. Daycare starts tomorrow. Not sure what we’re doing today yet, but here’s hoping it is as good as the last two days.

Two great smiles.

For the record, she did eat the crust.

If you’ve been fortunate to meet Aidan, then you know this look. If you haven’t, you can tell he’s the serious one of the two.

What else? I got nothin’.

4 Comments on “Dad Duty — Day 2”

  1. Pessimistic Redhead says:

    Not sure if I’m more thrilled that you shared the pictures with us, or more annoyed you made me want Dairy Queen… and it’s 9:20. I’ll call it a draw: your kids are adorable and these pictures are great. Now give me a blizzard.

  2. Sara says:

    I love a little man who takes his ice cream seriously. I wonder where he gets that from????

  3. JenBun says:

    Those two cutiepies are NEVER going to want Daddy to go back to work!!

    Mmm… gotta have sprinkles!

    Go Red Sox!!! 😉

  4. erin says:

    ha! so serious! love that pic

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