Vacation — Six Flags

So, the big trip for vacation was to Six Flags. I have great memories of the place as a kid — when it was known as Riverside.

It was still a fun day — albeit a hot and expensive one (and that’s with me saving $100 on admission by getting free tickets). A slize of pizza? How about $6.49. And it wasn’t even good.

It was the first family trip to the amusement park and it went fairly well — especially considering it was two days after Aidan was in the ER for his allergic reaction. In hindsight, we probably should have waited another day or so, but we were go-go-go for five hours from ride to ride to ride.

We’ll definitely be back! Here are some highlights:

Erin loved the splash pad in ‘Wiggles World’.

She could have played there all day.

Just as Aidan could have ‘flown’ Harold the Helicopter in Thomas Town all day.

But, there were other rides — including the carousel with Mom.

And the roller coaster with Dad. We’re second from the back. Looks like I’m squishing him on this curve. Thank goodness for Forty by Forty! It was a 30-second ride for kids — and he loved it.

A long day. A hot day. A good day.

One Comment on “Vacation — Six Flags”

  1. JenBun says:

    Yay, that looks like SO much fun!

    I’m jealous– I can never get anyone to go on the roller coasters with me! 🙂

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