It’s Two-for-One Day…

…here at I Got Nothin’.

Two posts in one day. Imagine. And, two quick thoughts on this one.

First, I just played a video game at lunch (don’t ask). It was Fast and Furious. One of those sit down like you’re driving a car games.

Yeah, I got car sick. How pathetic is that? I know.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, have you heard this song yet?

I am completely addicted. I’ve listened to it over and over today on the iPod. Just completely addicted.

Anyone else share the addiction for this song?

And, if not this one, what song are you addicted to today?

Dad Duty — Day 3

Honestly, when I first set out on this blogging adventure, the last thing I wanted to do was fall into a category, specifically, that of a daddy blogger.

I’m not trying to do that. Honest. I’m trying to blog about what is going on. And, well, this week, guess what’s going on? Yup. Kids. Kids. And more kids.

Thursday marks the start of day care, which means I’m back to work and settling into the routine of daily drop off for the kids. This is the first year without in-laws watching them, but they are going to a very familiar place where we have 100 percent trust — so there’s nothing to worry about there.

But, as you know, they’ve been┬ámy responsibility this week during the day. And, well, my motto was adventure. I can’t sit home. Have to be on the go. And today, we stayed close to home at a nearby park.

Here’s a look:

This picture had such potential. I took eight. This is the best one. And, of course, as I look at it now I’m like, yeah, I’ve got to learn how to do Erin’s hair.

“Daddy, it’s not a motorcycle, it’s just a regular number eight bike.”

“Daddy, daddy, Erin’s driving the fire truck! Daddy, daddy. She’s driving it.” And, um, again with the hair.

One of my favorite moments of the day.

The park has a lake. We circled it. Erin in her stroller. Aidan on his big wheel.

And that’s it. It wasn’t an easy three days. I’m not sure I could be the stay at home dad, but it was a lot of fun. And I thank you for sharing in it with me.

Now, let the madness begin.

Dad Duty — Day 2

Now, I’m not saying I could get used to this ‘stay at home’ dad thing, but yesterday was a pretty good day.

We headed down to a local state park where they have a great walking/bike trail. I was pushing Erin in the stroller and Aidan was (mostly) riding his three wheeler, with the occasional push(es) from me.

We stopped along the way for a picnic lunch and then finished that part of the trip with a good visit to Dairy Queen before running off some more energy at a nearby park.

As we pulled into Dairy Queen, Aidan says, “Dad, I’m tired of my regular (chocolate ice cream and rainbow sprinkles), I think I want something else today (vanilla with chocolate sprinkles).”

Maybe we have had too much ice cream this summer.

A couple pictures of the adventure below.

Renee has first day with students today. Daycare starts tomorrow. Not sure what we’re doing today yet, but here’s hoping it is as good as the last two days.

Two great smiles.

For the record, she did eat the crust.

If you’ve been fortunate to meet Aidan, then you know this look. If you haven’t, you can tell he’s the serious one of the two.

What else? I got nothin’.

Dad Duty — Day 1

Talk about cool jobs.

There are 14 recent college grads (seven teams of two) driving around the country for Kraft in the classic Wienermobile.

Larisa, my former intern, is one of them.

A native New Englander, her territory is the Pacific Northwest, giving her the chance to see a part of the country she’s never seen before. You can read about her adventures here.

So I was on Facebook the other night when I had a message from Larisa telling me the Wienermobile on the east coast would be in the area Monday. The team had the day off and wanted to do the touristy thing. Larisa recommended my place of employment and a plan was quickly hatched to meet the ‘mobile — a perfect dad duty day activity.

In it pulled, and, I’ll tell you, it’s cool. Very cool. What a job. This is one of the things I wish I knew about 15 years ago. I could see myself doing this. Travelling around to different appearances on behalf of Oscar Mayer. Seeing the country. And getting paid for it at the same time. Not to mention, um, driving the wienermobile.

Larisa’s fellow hotdoggers Ben and Tara were very gracious — allowing us to check it out from top to bottom and inside and out. And they made Aidan and Erin’s day by giving them each a hot dog whistle.

A good adventure as part of Dad Duty Day 1. Who knows what awaits us today…

And So It Begins…

Before the alarm clock could strike at 5 a.m. this morning, Erin was already up.

Tell me she didn’t know Mom was going to work today.

And so another school year for Renee begins. Meetings these first two days, and then the kids arrive in earnest on Wednesday. She’s already been making plans and laying things out — and she’s already attended a seminar because she’s got a student teacher for a few months.

But, nothing says the start of the year like a 5 a.m. wake up. Of course, I didn’t hear it. Nor did I hear Erin. So I got a little reprieve this morning because I’m with the kids for the next three days — at least for the bulk of the days.

See, Renee’s parents, who have dutifully held down the dual roles of grandparents and child care providers, are now in Florida. If that weren’t the case, I’d be getting ready to drop the kids there before heading to work. But, they have fulfilled a lifelong ambition of migrating south and we, honestly, couldn’t be happier for them. It’s time to do things they want when they want.

Does it mean a little adjustment here? Of course it does, but we’ll survive.

We’ve got day care covered — just not until Thursday. Our good friend Tina is going to watch the kids for us. However, three of Tina’s four kids don’t go to school until Thursday…so it’s basically not right for me to drop her with two more making it a total of six to watch (with two under two!). So, it’s extra Daddy time for Aidan and Erin this week. And that’s a good thing, too.

And, we’re off to a good start. As I write this, Erin is already napping because of her early wake up to get more time with Mom, and Aidan is taking in some Sesame Street for the next few minutes before we get our day started — whatever that’s going to be!

What else? I got nothin’.

Who Does This?

I’m all for going green or whatever. You want to drive your scooter? That’s fine with me. But this?

This is not fine with me. Not in a small and always full staff lot. No, this is not a good way to start a Monday.

What else? I got nothin’.

I’m Writing Today — Just Not Here

Hey there.

So I’m filling in today for my dear friend Sara over at If I had to Pick Five.

Go take a look for a unique perspective into life in the men’s room.

See you later.