Aidan Provides Yet Even More Material

So, some background to make these upcoming Aidanisms as funny for you (hopefully) as they are for Renee and me.

Item 1.

We try to go to church every week. We try very hard to involve Aidan in as much of the mass as we can. And we try very hard to keep our cool when he doesn’t follow instructions.

Item 1a.

Aidan loves bananas. He often has one for breakfast. Sometimes, we slice the banana for him in the shape of a little disk.

Aidanism Number 1.

It’s communion time at church. Renee is carrying Erin. Aidan is walking in front of me. He stands there between the priest and I as the priest puts the host in my hand. I take it and put it in my mouth and start to walk away, with Aidan, back to our seat.

“Daddddd,” he says, as we are walking down the aisle. “What did you get? Is that a slice of banana?”

Item 2.

We have an abundance of chipmunks in our yard. Aidan calls any of them “Charlie Chipmunk.” One day, poor old Charlie had gone to the great big chipmunk land in the sky. Aidan was aware of what happened. (Honest, this is important.)

Item 2a.

The other morning, we had a rabbit just off our driveway. He must have been hit by a car and then somehow got into our yard. He couldn’t move. Before we could do anything, the crows made him breakfast. Again, Aidan well aware of what happened. We dubbed the rabbit, of course, Roger.

Item 2b.

Every time we go to church, Aidan helps me light two candles and say a short prayer for my grandmother, father and brother.

Aidanism Number 2

So, mass has ended, and Aidan and I are up front at the church, getting ready to light candles. He chooses blue first, and we light that one for my grandmother.

“We pray for you, Great Mimi O,” he says.

Then, we walk across the front of the church to the red candles.

“We pray for you Papa O; we pray for you Uncle Tim. We miss you,” he says. “And we pray for your Roger Rabbit and you, too, Charlie Chipmunk.”

And sometimes I wonder if he gets it.

What else? I got nothin’.


8 Comments on “Aidan Provides Yet Even More Material”

  1. Pessimistic Redhead says:

    Hahaha. You’re in trouble–that kid is wicked smart!

  2. elizabethews says:

    Sweet and hysterical all in one. Love it.

  3. Sara says:

    You are raising one amazing, and hysterical, little boy.

  4. heatherdc says:

    I think he totally gets it 🙂 and he cares. Very cute. Although, he’ll be gravely disappointed when he finds out what those wafers taste like. Definitelyyy NOT bananas. Ugh.

  5. JenBun says:

    He is too funny!!! I love reading these… 😀

  6. Anna says:

    So so funny. So definitely not bananas.

  7. christine says:

    Oh, I loved that. Perhaps it’s could that we live on opposite coasts. If we got Mo and Aidan in a room together, watch out! Sheer hilarity might ensue.

  8. christine says:

    Um, yeah, I meant “good,” not “could.”

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