Since We Last Met…

Well, even though I say I Got Nothin’, it certainly seems like that’s hardly the case. Here’s a recap:

I haven’t touched the elliptical in almost a week. But, it’s not because I have decided that I hate it. No, it’s because our basement has been torn apart to (hopefully) solve our semi-annual water issue. If I can ever figure out the picture thing, I’ll show you visuals. Basically, an internal sub-floor drain was put in. What does that mean? Jackhammers and dust. Lots of dust. Just in time though, apparently, because it’s pouring out. Hopefully this brings the much needed peace of mind.

I will get on a scale before Thursday. April 30th marks the end of six months of Forty by Forty, so I think it’s time to get a number and see where we are.

Do you know how many calories are in Girl Scout cookies? Lots. To think, I used to grab three or four — at a time.  And, if that alone doesn’t show you how I’m trying to change, picture this one:

We’re driving home from somewhere on Saturday, Erin’s asleep, Aidan’s awake. I pull into the grocery store lot. Renee’s wondering what for. I tell her I’ve got a salad craving for lunch and I want to try the store’s salad bar. That it would take me less than five minutes in and out. The result? The best salad bar I’ve encountered anywhere. Who knew?!

And, who knew I’m an inspiration. I got a fabulous email from one of my regular readers and a member of my blog roll (but I’m not telling who!). She told me she was so inspired by what I’m trying to do with Forty by Forty that she’s going to try something similar, too. How cool is that? By no means am I truly an inspiration, but it’s cool to know that something I’m doing has made someone want to try the same thing.

Speaking of my blog roll, and this one’s for you, JenBun, the identity of my blog crush is no longer secret. All the kids in gym class, in the cafeteria and on the bus are talking. But, seriously, if you haven’t read this blog, check her out. Ask anyone who knows me, it’s hard to get me laugh out loud. But her words do that. And, when she’s serious, the words are deep and meaningful. And, as an added bonus, she likes the Sox, Pats and REM.

Other things to update you on…well, Erin got her first haircut a couple weeks ago. PIctures of that to come, too.

Aidan’s fourth birthday is coming soon, too. In fact, it’s May 8th. Four years. I can’t even believe it. He’s getting a tee ball set (with a real aluminum bat — yikes!) for his birthday. And a bike.

Then, just a month after that, we’ll celebrate Erin’s first.

Aidan made it through his first movie yesterday. Renee took him to see Horton Hears a Who. He came home and told me, “Dad, we didn’t bring home any popcorn for you. But it was good.”

I think that covers some immediate stuff for now. More to come. Thanks for hanging in there.

What else? I got nothin’.


3 Comments on “Since We Last Met…”

  1. Fritz says:

    and your blog crush is also a notre dame fan!

  2. Pessimistic Redhead says:

    Are you going to REM on June 13 at Great Woods, er, Tweeter Center? I am!

  3. JenBun says:

    I’m famous! I was mentioned in one of Mike’s posts! 😀

    Thanks for spilling.

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