Name Game

So I was talking to Erin this morning. Erin meaning the person who works for me. Not Erin my daughter. I mean, well, I talked to her this morning, but you know what I mean…

We got talking about names. And I have this thing about names. Call it a pet peeve, of sorts. I showed her a flyer of an event we’ll be going to for work next week and there’s a picture of the presenter on there.

Erin commented that it looked like one of her professors, Joel Smith. Smith isn’t his last name, but Joel is his first name. We’re protecting the innocent here at I Got Nothin’.

My first comment was that I have a hard time thinking of a professor named Joel. To me, Joel is a great name for a guy — up until about 23 or so. Then it should automatically go to just Joe.

Or, think of it this way. Imagine all the girls that were born with names like Brittany, Amber, or, heck, even Destiny.

“Um, hi, I’d like you to meet my grandmother Amber.” It just doesn’t fit.

If you give a kid a name like that, I think it’s fine. Until they are about 18. Then, by law, their name should change. Ambers and Brittanys should become something else, I don’t know, Donna or Ann.

And, the reverse is true. Want to name your daughter in an older fashion like Harriett. Knock yourself out. But give her another name for the first 21 years of her life. Name her Destiny/Harriett.

Same goes with guys. Don’t name your newborn son Harold. Give him that when he’s 45 or older. Maybe for the first part of his life he could be Chip.

And then the opposite applies. Want to name him Zach or Logan? I’m good with that, as long as he becomes Michael or John when he’s 30.

I don’t know. Those are my thoughts. With apologies to those of you that have named your offspring one of the above!

What else? I got nothin’.

14 Comments on “Name Game”

  1. Stephanie says:

    So true. Madison is cute for a three year old, but when she becomes 35? Not so much. Or Mikayla (or any spelling variation) as a 40 year old? Just doesn’t work!

  2. Molly says:

    I mostly agree, but I think a grown man could be Zachary and that would be fine.

  3. JC says:

    I was watching some Talk Show YEARS AND YEARS ago and there was a woman on whose name was pronounced:

    Shi-thayd, but spelled Sh*thead.

    That hurt.

    How do you feel about

    Just curious.

  4. Each says:

    Ohhhh dont even get me started on names.
    i hate stupid spellings, get over that parents, teachers wont pronounce them right, its harder for the kid to spell, its just a hassle, then they look dumb, as you said when they are over 30.

    i hate uber popular names, i mean EVERY kid is named madison and brady (or something).

    and for reals? parents, PLEASE consider what your childs FULL name will sound like TOGETHER, and no stripper names please.
    (as in destiny, amber, cascade, crystal, hilary clinton…)

  5. Wow the name game is hard….i took a lot of time picking my boys names….Raymond and Nathaniel…Jordan came with his name…I think parents should think about what they name their kids, you know while pregnant try the name out, yell it out, first name, first name with middle, then full name. can you yell it out without much trouble?? does it roll off the tongue…if not, get another one!!

  6. JenBun says:

    Did people call you Mikey when you were younger? 😉

  7. cdp says:

    totally agree. some of the more cool and hip modern names are wonderful and lovely, but I always wonder about what happens when they’re grown up. this is why I went traditional. benjamin. william.

  8. elizabethews says:

    So get what you’re saying. I’ve often thought that about my mom. Her name is Priscilla and I think that’s perfect – now – but it’s a big name for a little girl!

    How about Elizabeth??

  9. Anna says:

    I am so with you, obviously, since I went traditional too–William, Henry.

    I was concerned at first that Henry might be too much of a grownup name, but when he was lying there, a wisp of a thing with tubes hanging off him in the NICU, it felt like he NEEDED a strong name, like a promise that he would actually get to be a grownup someday. And when I actually had a nurse say to me (Did I ever tell you this?) that “… we should be sure we wanted to use the name on him, you know, in case…,” then I was positive that was the name.

    And now it fits perfectly–easy to holler across the room when he is jumping off the freaking couch AGAIN. It’s been a looooooong day.

  10. Anna says:

    Oh, and I love my friend Ellen’s advice about a name:

    Does it work in nursery school?
    Does it work for a Supreme Court Justice?
    Does it work in the nursing home?
    Then go for it!

  11. heatherdc says:

    there are definitely some “childish” and “old people” names. I would think it’s hard to find the balance sometimes. have you heard of some of those crazy names that “Celebs” give their kids?? Ehhhhh.

  12. cdp says:

    ps I think you should check out my newly mike-inspired masthead.

    Happy Easter!

  13. pie says:

    Whenever M and I talk about names, the test if it will work is does it sound like it could be a Supreme Court Justice.

    The Honorable Paris Pie? No
    The Honorable Alison Pie? YES!!

    see how it works? 🙂

  14. Care says:

    I have a brand new nephew! They named him Henry.

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