Playing One Against the Other

As a non-parent, you hear stories about kids playing one against the other. It’s kind of funny to hear. Until it happens to you.

And this really isn’t a true case of that, but it shows how Aidan can think a situation through for his benefit.

It also shows how something can come up that Renee and I haven’t talked about, because, really, it’s not a big deal.

Here’s the scenario:

This morning, as I was preparing to get the kids in the car, I got a handful of Teddy Grahams for him to have in the car. On the side of the box, they show pictures of the other available flavors of Teddy Grahams.

“Look at all these flavors, Daddy,” he said.

“Mmm. What’s your favorite?,” I ask.

“Chocolate. But Mom says we can’t have those.”


“But maybe next time you can go to Super Stop & Shop and get them.”

And, he did emphasize the you. He clearly had a mission.

“Well, bud, if Mom said no, then we’ll stick with the regular kind.”

“Ok, Dad.”

What else? I got nothin’.

14 Comments on “Playing One Against the Other”

  1. Stephanie says:

    They’re learning younger and younger these days, aren’t they!?

  2. Stormy says:

    I may show my ignorance here, but what’s the matter with chocolate Teddy Grahams? They probably have the same amount of sugar as the regular ones. Just curious is all!

    That is pretty funny. Look at him scheming. 🙂

  3. fritz says:

    holy crow, if teddy grahams is the only thing you have to worry about… consider yourself lucky!!!!

  4. Chelle says:

    And this is why we have only puppy dog to manage. And kitty cat. And I guess birdie terdie, too.

    You know grandma gives them chocolate teddy grahams…

  5. cdp says:

    Although I must say I am TRES impressed that when you resisted this suggestion, he so easily agreed. Mine would have been like, oh really? Well fine, I will just ask Papa then. SO THERE.

    your kids stories are so cute

  6. Pessimistic Redhead says:

    Ahh, he is starting so young. What a wise man.

  7. Barb (bp) says:

    well… chocolate is the best! 🙂

  8. L B says:

    he is so smoooootheeee! and smart! her will perfect the skill and soon enough you will have chocolate teddy grahams in the house 🙂 btw chocolate are really good…only when they are stale, i know that sounds gross but that’s how i feel about them!!!

  9. bunny says:

    Hahaha that’s kind of adorable. He tried to swindle teddy grahams from you. (Just stumbled upon your blog and am smiling picturing this scenario unfold!)

  10. heatherdc says:

    haha you have a little con-man in the works 🙂 He’ll be a smooth talker

  11. erin says:

    haha – very cute.

    as an only child, i was the master of this game.

  12. pie says:

    cdp is right. grandma is definitely giving them the chocolate ones.

    Your blog has been making my ovaries hurt. All of this cute baby talk, and the pictures, and the crawling. Gah, makes me want to have a gaggle of them.

  13. cdp says:

    Pie is funny.

    Also, you are so TOTALLY one of those “few too many” men. And also one of my favorite bloggers! EVAH!

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