Since We Last Met…

Greetings, one and all.

Glad to be back. The I Got Nothin’ holiday hiatus is over — at least for the time being.

This is just a quick post to let you know what’s been going on in I Got Nothin’ World. More on these topics and others to come very soon. Honest!

Without further adieu, since we we were last together:


Erin enjoyed her first Christmas (at least we think she did). But, more importantly, at long last, she cut her first tooth!


Aidan definitely enjoyed his Christmas. The reaction to the toys and other presents is one thing, but the absolute belief in Santa and the reindeer etc, well, to steal a line, it’s priceless.


The Patriots went 16-0. And, oh by the way, I was there.

Oh yeah, and I met Clink.

That’s all for now, readers! Have to leave you with a little suspense, right?

What else? I got nothin’.

A Wish List, Of Sorts

Loyal readers, I know, I know, I know….I haven’t been around in more than a week.

But, I actually have a real excuse this time. And that excuse is you. Well, most of you.

You see, in the spirit of the season, I’ve been doing my ‘shopping.’ And, the results are below as I present my wish list for those that read me the most — the folks on my blog roll. If you’re like, “Mike, did it really take you a week to figure out what you’d get everyone if you could actually get something for everyone?”

Well, of course not, but work with me here, would you?

And, fear not faithful readers not on my blog roll. I do have something for you.

To you, I offer my thanks. My thanks for sticking around and wanting to read what’s going on in my mind (and in my life). Why you keep coming back is beyond me, but you do. And that’s cool. Very cool. Granted, I’m not on the most read list of blogs in the world, but it’s cool to get your feedback — or even just know that you’re out there.

And, one of my resolutions will be to update this blog a bit, including the roll. So stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, it’s gift giving time:

Beta Mom — For you, I wish for the motivation to keep your blog going. I know you’ve been crazy swamped and stuff. But, please, we want more. Well, at least I do. You’re hysterical. Mrs. Daniels has nothing on you!

Breaking Ice and Making Nice — For you, I wish for continued strength and patience. You have been somewhat of a nomad, and you’ve done it all for love. And no doubt CDR realizes it. And, I’m sure those kids realize it. I’m just glad your nomadic ways brought you by these parts for a bit. (Was this enough to get a French Silk Pie?!) 😉

Game Six — For you, I was going to hope for a Dolphins win, but that just happened. I’ve had to re-think a bit. Rock Star, but that would partially be for me. Success for the Huskies. For the Mets pain to go away. And, perhaps for a productive intern.

Hank and Willie — For you, I wish for more time here in the office! I know, I know, but you’re the best neighbor I know and Thursdays and Fridays aren’t the same without you. Oh, and I also wish for you to continue to advise me as I take the very slow steps of purchasing a new camera. A little selfish, but oh well.

I’ll Think About That Tomorrow — For you, I wish for a peaceful holiday season. And I wish for you to be able to show Mifflin all that Connecticut has to offer, including a special place down by the river! I also wish you success as May fast approaches. No doubts here in your future success.

Insta’ Family — For you, I wish for patience and understanding. Not everyone can walk into the situation you are — Insta’ Mom. There’s no rule book or guide book, that’s for sure. But, if I know Miss Shannon, she can handle it. And I’m sure she is, despite the frustrations that come along the way.

It’s All About Hallie — For you, I wish for continued friendship. You rock. And, my gosh, if anyone deserves a getaway, it’s you. How you balance it all amazes me. It truly does. Those three boys better realize how lucky they are.

Kwarter Life Crisis — For you, I wish for an open mind to realize how good the Patriots really are! Just kidding. Really. For you, I truly offer my thanks. While I haven’t seen the project yet, your willingness to take on something that will be so meaningful to me and my family is just, well, cool.

Michelle’s Reality — For you, I wish for a return to the blogging world. I know you are beyond busy at your (fabulous) new job. But, my gosh, I even admit to reading about your lessons in helping us all become more green. And for me to even say that, is, well, you know.

Rad Fanny — For you, I wish for a truly happy season. And for you and I to become the founding members of the Pushing Daisies fan club. And, as a gift to you, I will update my blog roll to your new home. Just because I haven’t commented doesn’t mean I haven’t been reading.

Such Great Heights — For you, I wish for 2008 to be your happiest. What a year it will be for you. One of my favorite things has been being able to share this year with you. And, who knows, maybe your real gift will come some time in January!

Sunny’s Side of Life — For you, I wish for Doug (not your’s!) to realize who you are! And, well, I wish that we can find common ground on our senses of humor. We’ve got to find something we both find LOL funny. Right? There’s got to be something!

These Little Moments — For you, I wish you never left. But, I’m over that. Honest. Like Clink, your 2008 is going to be fabulous. I wish for you to continue to enjoy these little moments as you continue to climb the career ladder and, more importantly, as you continue to climb with Michael.

This Corner of the Earth — For you, I wish for strength in relationships — to continue to share time and focus with Mark and, more importantly, to find peace with your Mom — something you have been so open about. Oh, and I also wish for 19-0!

Tortious — For you, I wish for something musical. I know that sounds strange. But when I first started stalking your blog, I realized I was going to like you when I read your favorite songs. And, in your last post, I love the title, very appropriate. And very honest writing. I wish that continues.

Wearing Stilettos, Living on a Farm — For you, I wish for you to be back here. And, while you’re at it, bring back your husband, too, would you? But, in the absence of that, I wish for continued friendship and laughter. And, I was secretly wishing you would start a blog, and I’m really glad you did.

When Life Was Easy — For you, I wish for Mary to someday realize (if she doesn’t already) how crazy her dad is. In a complete good way, of course. Because, with you, there’s no other way.

So, there you have it. My wish list for some of my fellow bloggers and my loyal readers.

I do hope you’re holiday is full of fun, laughter and love. It is the point, right? 😉

Things will be hectic the next few days. But I’ll be back with pictures and stories, I’m sure. In the meantime, I got nothin’.

The Tree


Aidan leads the quest for the perfect tree.


Just pick one already, will you, Dad?


We’re much happier now.


I’m just going to wait right here for Santa.

A Nose Update — Among Other Things

Wow. Ask and you shall receive. Thanks for the nose blowing toddler tips. I’m happy to report that Aidan is doing better now, but the last few days were rough. In addition to the nose, he had bronchitis and an ear infection — again. The poor kid has missed five days of pre-school this year. He missed two last year. Tis the season, I guess.

So a friend and I had a men’s day today (Thursday). We took the day off and headed to one of the local casinos for some black jack. Had a great time playing, but I’m sad to say that neither of us won. Can’t beat it though. Good times.

Christmas is sneaking up. Yikes.

Part of the reason I needed the day off today was being tired from interviews for Molly’s vacated position. What, you haven’t heard?!

I’ve talked to seven people so far this week, and will talk to three more Friday. Here’s a tip for you job seekers. If the person interviewing you asks if you have any questions, make something up. Don’t sit there and be like, “Um, no, I got nothin’.”

First of all, that’s my line. You aren’t allowed to use it! Secondly, look like you’re interested — please! Ugh. There are some promising candidates, don’t get me wrong. But I was shocked when two people didn’t ask a damn thing.

DVR is backing up. Thank goodness this one holds 100 hours! The fun part is that we’re recording some of the classic Christmas shows for Aidan. “I’m mister heat miser, I’m mister sun….”

I still owe you guys a couple of things, including an Erin update and the ABC blog.

Stick with me. I’ll have it soon enough. But for right now?

I got nothin’.

Blow Me Down

OK, so I know that a big part of my audience is the mid 20s female. And, I know that you’re not all married or mom’s to this point. You might not think you can help me here, but I know you can.

Or at least I’m hoping you can.

For this ‘problem,’ I’m seeking any and all advice from moms, aunts, big sisters, dads, big brothers, uncles — anyone. Anyone that has encountered a kid with a runny nose, that is.

You see, Aidan has a cold. A his-nose-is-running-round-the-clock kind of cold. His spirits are up. His appetite is strong. So there are good signs.

The challenge? He will not under any circumstance blow his nose.

Now, he’s great at saying he needs a tissue, and he’ll come running right over to whoever has one (though it can’t be a used one). He’ll let you wipe his nose. He just won’t blow it.

Renee and I have tried persuasion, strong voices, nice voices, bribery — anything. He won’t do it. The frustrating part? He’s done it before! But, for whatever reason, right now, he wants nothing to do with it.

So, moms, dads, sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles — what’s the trick to get a three year old to blow his nose?

Of course, as I write this, I’m almost certain he’s blowing his nose just fine at his grandmother’s house, because, as my father-in-law said this morning, “If anyone can get him to do it, Mimi can.”


What else? I got nothin’.