Today Sucks

My outlook reminder chimed in at 9:15.

“Armageddon — Molly’s last day.”

As if I needed to be reminded.

She’s going to a fabulous place. Walk to work. More money than we could even tempt her to stay with. Travel. And working with one of her good friends.

Can’t beat that. And she’s earned it. She’s going to be fine.

And so will I.

This is the beauty of non-profits. The people. The people you work with, that you share small offices with, you go to lunch with, and, well, you go through life with.

I’ve only worked at non-profits in my life, and I’m happy to say I still have good relationships with many who I worked with. That’s a cool thing.

Like Molly wrote, we’ve already planned monthly lunches, we’ll do the blog thing and damn right I’ll be cutting a rug at her wedding.

But, today is sad. I got more than an assistant when I hired her. I got a friend. And while I’m losing one, I know I’m not losing the other.

What else? I got nothin’.

8 Comments on “Today Sucks”

  1. Molly says:

    I am SO getting pictures of you dancing for a post-wedding post!

  2. verybadcat says:

    You know what will make you feel better? Picking on her replacement. “Oh, well, Molly always did it this way.” “Yeah, Molly was really good at that. You’ll get the hang of it.”


  3. Aww. It’s definitely bittersweet. I hope your replacement is half as awesome as Molly is. 🙂

  4. Stephanie says:

    Aww, so sad you won’t get to see each other every day!

    I also work at a nonprofit and love the small, close-knit environment.

  5. L B says:

    this is sad. the two posts i read daily are tear jerkers. boo.

  6. chasingparadise says:

    It’s so nice that you guys ended up as friends. And even better that you’ll stay that way.

  7. Aww!! There is always the blog

  8. Chelle says:

    I agree. Suckville. What will Kempsey do without her at her desk? Guess she’ll have to come visit you instead…

    Here’s the rest of my thoughts on Suckville…

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