Guest Blogger: Hallie

HELLO everyone in Blog world!

Oh boy this is a nice view from Mike’s seat!  **Me moving around getting comfortable in his “chair” here at Mike’s got nothing…..*** Oh boy I hope I can live up to Mike’s wonderful comments!  Well here goes!!!

I have to say I am so excited!!  Mike called me last week leaving a message that I needed to call him he had something important…..So I called back not really knowing what mike could be looking for….You see we work at the same place, I work in place just different department, I work in the education and sailing programs.  Mike calls for random things so nothing to get too excited about…..In calling him back he asked if I could do a favor.  Sure, what ever you need…

He asked if I would be his guest blogger!

I squealed!  I was so excited!  I was honored! Wow I got just got picked to write a guest blog!   You see, I am one of those bloggers who started because of Mike.  He kept saying you need to start one.  Well, what the heck, I started this summer!  It has been fun.  I actually have been able to keep some friends up to date with new pictures of the kids, or just some fun stories family and friends across the country and overseas to keep up with some of the shenanigans my boys and I have gotten into.  You can check me out at Hallie’s Place So thank you Mike!!

Now Mike says he has an idea what I might write about!  Humm….now that has got me thinking…I actually wrote a little something before he left but now I am rethinking this…perhaps I should write about something else just to keep him on his toes….so do I write about Mrs. Palmer and Mr. Jennings?  Do I write about Mike’s pink socks? Or how about telling the cell phone story?

Let’s go with the cell phone story…

So in my world, I believe the cell phone to be a very sacred thing.  I find the phone to be a convenience for the other person.  If I do not know you very well I do not like to call your cell phone.  Well here at work people are not always at their desk so they give their cell phone numbers out.  So I have some random numbers in my cell phone, from movie directors to publicist to teachers…. Well this is my story….

I was driving home one night.  My ride to and from work are usually the only times I find I get a quiet moment.  So I like to call a friend or brother or my mom, you know to check in.  It is about 15 minutes of uninterrupted time, no one asking when dinner is, help me with my homework, or he hit me…you get the picture. Right three boys looking for my attention at once. 

I scroll through my numbers and call who I think is my brother.  And here is how the conversation went:

Hallie: “Hey Mike, How’s it going?”

Mike: Ok? You?

Hallie: So mom tells me you are coming to the east coast?  When are you coming?

Mike: What?

Hallie: The east coast when are you coming?  (Loudly as if he could not hear me!)

Mike: who is this?

Hallie: Your sister!

Mike: I am not your brother!

Hallie: WHAT! OMG! I am so sorry I was trying to call my brother….

And so it goes…..

Inadvertently I had called Mike, yes our beloved Mike instead of my brother!  I was so embarrassed!  I could not believe I called the wrong person.  Imagine mike when he was talking on the phone to me.  I did not know him very well at the time and he must have thought I was crazy!  Every now and then Mike ribs me about that fact he is not coming to the East coast! Oh and don’t worry I have changed the two mikes in my cell phone!

Well Mike I hope you had a fabulous trip!  Thanks for letting me come hang out!  It was great fun!  Maybe someday we can tell everyone about the pink socks you have!

Peace!  Hallie

4 Comments on “Guest Blogger: Hallie”

  1. Clink says:

    Sadly, that happens to me way more than I should. I’m not very good at differentiating people in my cell phone!

  2. Stormy says:

    Wait a minute. Is there something wrong with having pink socks?

  3. Anna says:

    That happens to me too, except now it is Henry or Will doing the calling. Because, sadly, I have become one of those mothers who will hand the cell phone over the back seat when they are fussing.

    I swore I would never do that, too.

  4. Chelle says:

    Gotta know about those PINK socks!!! PLEASE, pink socks post.

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