Guest Blogger: Michelle

So here I am, Michelle the Guest Blogger. On Mike’s site. This is like getting called up from the minors!

The guest bloggers earlier this month wrote some great stuff about how they know Mike, and I think I’ll follow suit. Hopefully you’ll enjoy…

I first met Mike when I was interviewing for Molly’s job. (I’m assuming Molly met him around the same time.) I was working on a temp basis for a local college doing some recruiting after a semi-long stint of unemployment. Prior to that, I’d worked for a company with mixed reviews among the community that Mike was also familiar with.

So, what do I do when I meet him?

Tell him all about the lie I’d just expertly delivered to my employer.

It went something like this:

Mike: So, did you have any problems getting here?

Michelle: Nope, I told my boss that my back hurt. I’m at the chiropractor now. Wow, is this therapeutic.

And, from that moment on, I’ve never told a lie, or even a half-truth to Mike. And I’m hoping he’s done the same.

We spent the next hour or so “discussing” that company I’d mentioned, talking about the other job I was interviewing for (which is where I’m employed now, and we do a lot of work with Mike’s company), bantering on about baseball, chocolate, the weather, I guess we must have talked about some job-related things but I really can’t remember what they were now.

It felt more like catching up with an old friend than a job interview—which is pretty weird given that we’d just met. (And it’s a good thing he’s such a cool guy because fessing up on that whole chiropractor bit would likely have been uncool at your typical job interview.)

Mike’s a guy that tells it like it is-for better or worse. I can count on him to tell me when the Yankees are tanking, when he thinks our ad campaign stinks, or when someone is being a total moron at a meeting.

But I can also count on him for some really good career mentoring, heartfelt wedding and marriage advice, and an understanding and empathetic nod when a work scenario is uncomfortable, annoying, or just plain weird.

He makes you feel like he genuinely wants the best for you. Whether it’s an act or not, who knows… he IS a very skilled performer… but I’ll leave it up to him to post about his annual holiday acting gig. But I truly do believe that he’s about as sincere a person as you can find.

So, in honor of my job interview confession, let’s all fess up to Mike. What are some of the work-related (or, if you’re uncomfortable with that, non-work related) lies you’ve told? I promise not to call your chiropractor. (Or your boss.)

5 Comments on “Guest Blogger: Michelle”

  1. Molly says:

    Hahahaha. At my interview he asked the same thing and I said, “Nope. Told my boss I had a doctor’s appointment.”

    I think he just brings out the best (or worst!) in us.

  2. kat says:

    lets see… i was “deathly ill” the time OM and i went on a romantic weekend trip to Montreal.
    i had to “leave work early to pick up my BF’s kid” one time to make a meeting for my second and beloved passion of a job, and this fall when i fly to the other side of the world i will be using the “airline canceled my flight and rescedualed me on an earlier one” line for a flight i already have to leave from work early.


  3. Anna says:

    Let’s see, second day of my new job (No joke, SECOND DAY.) I call in sick to work so that I can attend the annual running of the brides at Filene’s Basement in Boston with my maid-of-honor. I didn’t know these people well enough to say, “Squee! I just got engaged since you interviewed me and by the way, I am going to go wedding dress shopping on company time, lalala!”

    So I lied instead. And I worked in public relations. And the Boston news media covered it, of course. So I hid from the cameras, turned down a “woman on the street” interview and found my Amsale wedding gown a week after I got engaged. (And stayed at that job very happily for five years, until I had my first baby and went to work with Mike, closer to home.)

    But for the record? if Mike had been that boss? I would have told him about the wedding dress sale. He’s that kind of guy.

  4. Court says:

    Hmm so this is what this guest blogging thing is all about.

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