I May Be Gone, But You Are Not Forgotten

Loyal readers, I have tried harder to be here on a more regular basis. And it seems you have appreciated the effort because my readership has grown in the past month or so. And I thank you for that.

So, while I will be away for a couple of days, I don’t want you to feel forgotten. No, among all other vacation plans that have been made, one of the most important was, “What about my blog?”

You see, we’re not going to have Internet access until Monday night when we return from this little mini-vacation. Therefore, since I will not be able to post (and since I still am not ready for timestamped posts), I’m enlisting the help of others to keep you company.

Guest bloggers, if you will.

These three authors have been given full editorial control. I didn’t limit them to anything. In fact, you’ll even see their posts before I will. I did not ask for them before I left, rather, I’ve enlisted Molly to receive the entries and post them here each day. I will read them for the first time Monday when I return.

So, who have I finagled into writing while I’m gone? Well, the wait is over.

Leading off on Thursday will be Clink. Now what could Clink possibly know about me? Well, she knows I’m a cool boss. She knows I love her homemade oreos, and she knows I love the Patriots. And, well, she’s been reading me for a bit, so she probably knows a little more than that. What do I know about Clink? She’s an awesome writer, and I’m beyond thrilled that she agreed to step in for me for a day. Thank you, Clink!

Friday brings Michelle from Michelle’s Reality to this blog. Michelle and I met through work. We are in touch regularly and both enjoy making fun of other people in meetings, among other things. Michelle’s a Yankees fan. Given that my team is still alive, maybe she’ll be writing to wish me luck during the ALCS. Or, heck, since she just got married, maybe she ‘s going to use my space to tell more about her wedding. Whatever it is, I don’t care. I’m just glad she answered the call to be a guest blogger. And if you haven’t checked her out, get over there and read up. She’s funny. Thanks, Michelle!

Hallie arrives on the scene Monday. And I’m thrilled about that. Hallie is one of my favorite people, and if you’ve read her blog, you know why. If you haven’t, then get over there and read her. Here’s a single mom raising three kids. And, don’t forget that she’s funny as all hell. And, incredibly thoughtful. Of the three, I have an idea of what Hallie may write, but who knows? I could be wrong. Either way, I don’t care. She’s writing for me. Doing me a favor. That’s what I care about. Thank you, Hallie!

Thanks again to all of you for continuously stopping by to check out what’s new here at I Got Nothin’. I appreciate that.

Thanks to Clink, Michelle and Hallie. Be sure to go and check them out. All good people!

Meanwhile, we’re headed four five days away with a four-month old, a 3.5 year old and a forecast calling for rain. Nice.

I may see you Monday, but most likely Tuesday. Ciao!

What else? I got nothin’.

One Comment on “I May Be Gone, But You Are Not Forgotten”

  1. Stephanie says:

    I hope you won’t miss the game on Sunday – should be a good one!

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