Guest Blogger: Anna

Greetings, Mike fans. I’m here to keep the seat warm while Mike’s away. My name is Anna, and some of you may have visited me at Hank & Willie.

I’m also a coworker of Mike’s. About a year ago I was home with my newborn baby, working about ten hours a week when I could find a minute (well, 600 minutes), and the rest of the time just adjusting to life with two kids under two.

My toddler Will was trying his hardest to do things like run into traffic when I wasn’t looking or swat his baby brother, and my baby Henry, who had already given us a lifetime of anxiety with his premature birth and illness, was now starting to suffer from a severe milk and soy allergy. We didn’t know this yet-we just knew that the former preemie we used to wake for feedings was now waking all night long, screaming and writhing in pain. And we were REALLY tired.

So with this circus going on around me, I would be writing emails to Mike about work things, and would include crashingly boring details about my days and nights.

You know, like:

So Henry was up NINE times last night. NINE. That’s every 45 minutes, if you’re keeping track. I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck and if I don’t fall asleep sitting up it will be a MIRACLE.

Mike has a son the same age as Will, and he had a new baby on the way in his family, which is probably why I felt like I could clutter his inbox with these details, but it wouldn’t have mattered if he didn’t live a similar life-Mike is just an exceptional friend and listener. He would write back with appropriately sympathetic comments and then would close by saying YOU NEED A BLOG.

Not that I wasn’t all about blogs. It was my own boss at a previous job who got me hooked on blog jumping: “It’s so cool, you read the post, then you read the comments of other people, and they all have blogs, so you keep clicking…” (It was the early 2000s, folks, quit your snickering.)

I enjoyed reading them, but to me those people were either famous (Hello, Dooce and Mighty Girl) or just little weird for talking all about their lives or jobs or hobbies on the Internet. Where people could READ IT.

But when Mike started his blog, and introduced me to Molly’s blog, I started to really get it, that it isn’t weird after all. (Well, some of my friends still think it is.)  I had always loved my friend Rush’s non-blog, so with these three real-life people as inspiration, I decided to give it a try.

And I love it.

I love the release a daily (or not so daily) bit of unstructured writing gives me. I love the fact that I am actually, in a roundabout way, chronicling the lives of my babies. And I love all the interesting, funny, caring and smart people I’ve discovered through blogging. 

But the best part? Is how many other people have been inspired by Mike to start blogging. In the last year, the number of Mike-inspired or six-degrees-of-separation-Mike-associated bloggers has exploded, and now I get to learn all about cool people like:

 Beta Mom  and JC and Elizabeth and Jess and Hallie and Chelle and Larisa.

Which says a lot about Mike as a person and friend. Or maybe it means he was tired of all the sad-story emails he was getting from his friends!

So who’s next? When are you going to start YOUR blog? Can’t wait to read it!

And because I am all about the photos and hardly ever post without something visual, here are a few sneaky peeks of Mike and his beautiful kiddies, Aidan and Erin!



10 Comments on “Guest Blogger: Anna”

  1. Beta Mom says:

    Yay, Anna – I’m catching up with my blog family, and here I find you house sitting for Mike!
    I agree – I love the community, the laughs, the poignant moments, the photos and the stories. Thanks to you and Mike and all the others for laying some beautiful groundwork upon which we can tread and type!

  2. […] and I’m guest blogging today at Mike’s Got Nothin—hope you’ll stop […]

  3. L B says:

    love love love the pictures. those precious little feet 🙂

  4. I LOVE baby feet. I want to pick them up and shove them into my mouth and nibble on their delicious fatness, in a totally non-creepy way. So cute.

    And Anna, I totally get that part about how some of your friends think it’s weird. TB still thinks it’s kind of weird that I want to write about my personal life on the internet, but now that he knows about the blog and reads it, I think he is starting to understand. It’s just something that’s hard to understand unless you do it I think, so yay for blogs. 🙂

  5. Jennifer says:

    Great stort, Anna. I love hearing about how/why people start blogging.

    Great photos, too.

  6. Chelle says:

    So puppy dog gets me up @ 4:15 a.m. to go outside after Big Boss gave her french fries in the office yesterday… I was so tired this AM, because of course I could not go back to sleep.

    I’m so impressed that you were able to survive nine times a night with Henry even once… Which I’m sure was repeated over and over.



  7. itsallabouthallie says:

    loved it anna! Yup mike is the reason i started letting people read my blog! Go Mike!
    Night time gets easier! I promise it has in my house!!!

  8. Lisa says:

    Love the pictures. 🙂 The first one made me all warm and fuzzy inside.

  9. JC says:

    i love the hand holding shot.

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