An Angel Update

So, and I know you’re wondering, here’s the latest with my new, um, ‘friend’, Angel.


After getting all these calls (four more yesterday), it’s clear to me that this woman must be good at what she does. Or at the very least, she has a strong marketing campaign.

But, here’s the thing, you can be the best at something — or you can you have a great marketing campaign — but you’ve got to return phone calls! If you don’t call people back, how do you get the business.

Now, keep in mind, by no means am I trying to contact Angel to use her, um, business. No, quite the opposite, I’m simply trying to pass along information to her that was mistakenly (her mistake) given to me.

We talked briefly the other day and she wanted the numbers. Fine, no problem. But I hadn’t written them down, so I told her I would call her back. She agreed.

I called her at 5 p.m. and she said that she only had three minutes left on her phone, so could I call her after 9 p.m. Only three minutes left? Hmmm, maybe business isn’t so strong after all.

But, hey, no problem, I’ll call after 9. So I did. Got her voicemail. Well, maybe business picked up, I don’t know.

So I called yesterday afternoon and got a message that said the account was empty. I didn’t try again after 9 p.m.

But I will try again. I mean, I’m doing this all for you. I hope you realize that. Think of the content potential for when we do have a conversation. That’s what keeps me going.

What else? I got nothin’.

8 Comments on “An Angel Update”

  1. Anna says:

    Angel, we’re dying here. Answer the phone!!!

  2. chris says:

    Don’t want to see you on the front page of the NY Times, at least for this anyway.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Why don’t you just leave her a message?

  4. L B says:

    “But, hey, no problem, I’ll call after 9. So I did. Got her voicemail. Well, maybe business picked up, I don’t know.”
    HAHAHAHA. and the fact that you categorized this as “customer service” oh, mike. Thank goodness I am in the library laughing out loud about Angel from Craigslist when I should/could be doing Accounting.

  5. mikesgotnothin says:

    Chris. I saw that in my continued research on this interesting topic, but thanks for the link.

    Elizabeth. I’ve left her messages, hence the filing of this under customer service. and then the next time I called, I got nothin’.

  6. Clink says:

    ANGEL, damn it! Answer the phone!

    By the way, what do you think her real name is? I vote for Jennifer or Lauren. Maybe Esther.

  7. Anna says:

    It’s probably Mary Kathleen or something like that!
    (apologies to my cousin Mary Kathleen)

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