Ok, so my three year old, Aidan, is all about talking and conversations now.

Renee and I can’t have a conversation without him saying, “cuse me (he can’t say the ‘ex’), what are you talking about?”

I think it’s annoying. But then I think, well, he is saying excuse me, so we’ve done something right.

Here are a couple of recent conversations I had with him — of course centered on poop.

Now, I should say that poop is a big topic in our house because he’s (finally) using the potty for that. Of course, it’s the potty that was at my in-laws, so when he goes he says that he has to use Mimi’s potty. I don’t care whose potty it is, as long as he’s going. And he is.

So I sit down for dinner last night and Renee says to Aidan, “Tell Daddy what vegetable you tried today.”

“Pepper, daddy.”

“Mmm. I love peppers. Wasn’t it good?”

“No. I spit it out in the toilet and flushed it and its down in the septic tank now.”

Dramatic pause.

“Might be stuck in a poop.”

Yes, we were cracking up hysterically.

This morning at the breakfast table it starts like this:

“Have to go poop, daddy.”

“Ok, bud, let’s go upstairs to the potty.”

As we walk upstairs he stops, turns to me and says:

“It might be a big mushy gushy one.”

“Ok, well you let me know.”

After he comes out, I say:

“So how’d things go?”

“Good,” he said. “It looked like a boot.”

What else? I got nothin’.

6 Comments on “Aidanisms”

  1. Clink says:

    Hahahaha – omigod, so adorable. Granted, I’m no longer interested in eating lunch but hey. Your son is helping my diet.

  2. bp says:

    He is too funny with his poops… sounds like one of my friends who used to call me and announce which letter of the alphabet his poop just looked like…

  3. Anna says:

    Wow, how hilarious is that! Will just comments on amount—volume, not shape.

    Though he spends FOREVER in there now that he reads toy catalogs on the pot.

  4. L B says:

    hahahahahaha! boys are soooooo different from us angelic and sweet girls. Erin is going to be humiliated by this poop talk! 🙂

  5. amy says:

    ahhh potty talk… familiar territory…

    “uh oh. potty napkin is stuck in the potty.”

    “no sweetie, it’s just toilet paper. it’s happy in the potty.”

    (cue homemade song “happy poopies gone to the sea, happy poopies farewell”)

    “uh uh. it’s sad. the potty napkin is sad.”

    who knew?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Anna… Glad you brought this topic up! The catalog thing in the bathroom… What are the guidelines exactly?

    At home maybe there’s a couple of catalogs in the BA for proper reading during the pooping, but what about work? What is etiquette on this one?

    Do the catalogs stay in the BA after the deed is done? (I’m with the Seinfeld episode on this topic…)


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