Am I the Greatest Boss or What?

First of all…stop the presses. Look at me doing two posts in one day.

Ok, now back to your regularly scheduled blogging.

So, Molly is out today. Not only does she work for me. But she works next to me. Yup, we share an office. A small office. An office in a building that was built in 1841. An office where the floors aren’t exactly, um, level.

We had a great office. The best office in the building. But then we got a new boss. And he wanted that for his space. I honestly can’t blame him, because it was great space. And Molly and I are team players and all that, so we moved.

But we weren’t happy about it. “From the penthouse to the outhouse” was our saying.

But, again, I digress.

So she’s out today. She had a pretty rough migraine yesterday (no doubt brought on by either the super rich and delicious brownies Anna made or the hot fudge sundae provided by Larisa). So, she left early. And called out today.

And that’s fine with me. She works hard. She deserves a day. I get migraines, so I know how ridiculous they can be.

My general theory is, get your work done and I don’t care what you do. Call in sick. Work on your blog. Whatever. Just get the work done. We have to get along. Why? Well, did I mention our office?

Anyway…what I’ve discovered in the last couple of hours is how good it can actually be when Molly’s not here.

For example, I can put the AC on high cool and not worry if she’s really cold. It’s a male/female thing. I like the office cold. She probably doesn’t like it as cold as me, but that’s no problem today. It’s freezin’ in here and I like it!

I can also shake my leg all I want. No, I’m not a dog, but I’m probably a good candidate, really, for restless leg syndrome. I am constantly shaking a leg up and down. Only when you’re in a building constructed in 1841 with crooked floors there can be issues.

Let’s just say that whenever I shake my leg — and in thise case, only my right leg — Molly’s entire desk shakes, but most particularly her monitor, causing her to have to say, “You’re shaking” or “Foot” or somthing to get me to stop, or at the very least, to switch feet. Sometimes, I don’t even know I’m doing it. I just do.

So, no worries about shaking today. I’ve been shaking up a storm in a very cold office. And you know what, it’s been great.

But, that doesn’t mean Molly isn’t missed. She is. I mean, I swore I thought of her one time today. Probably when I was having another sundae and thinking, “I bet Molly isn’t having one of these today!”

What else? I got nothin’.

8 Comments on “Am I the Greatest Boss or What?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Was it soooo cold in your office today that your butt was shakin’? I could feel the floor quake on the other side of the building, but thought it was a haunting!

    And Mike, you can trade me spaces anytime dude…



  2. molly says:

    oooh look at you funny guy. I was reading thinking, aw how nice…and then. BAM! Haha, well the AC is getting turned down a little tomorrow!

  3. L B says:

    It sounds like you really went crazy today Mike! I hope you pushed the Easy button. Actually, wait for Molly to come back I know how much she loves that thing šŸ™‚

  4. Anna says:

    Is that why my desk was shaking? šŸ™‚

    The leg shaking must be a guy thing, Brian does it sometimes, too–he says it’s RELAXING, I say FOR WHO?

  5. Fritz says:

    ahhh the old buildings! yeah you had a great set up till you had to move, but the place has charcter! my new office overlooks a life size sperm whale that really uses its blow hole, i cannot get away from whales!

  6. kwarterlifecrisis says:

    my dad (who’s name is also Mike) totally does that leg shaking thing as well. what’s up with that?! i hate sitting next to him for any extended period of time because the leg shaking? it makes me want to claw my face off.

  7. bp says:

    my father also does the leg shaking thing! so crazy when the entire floor in their apartment feels like it is shaking…MEN!

  8. jc says:

    I was wondering if you’ve gone to the massage therapist MgN and did the massager say you have a tight butt just like Molly’s?

    Oh – and for the record – I’m a leg shaker too. And this girl Susan is as well.

    And, I have a work-wife who used to sit on the other side of my cubicle but due to a move she’s not there anymore…but…she would throw things over the cube or send me an IM similar to the Molly word “Foot”…..Which makes me think of the movie “so i married an axe murderer” where charlie’s father would say:


    What Else? I got more, but that’s because my shakey brakey foot and my non-diagnosed A.D.D. come into play.

    Oh – sidebar – MgN is starring in the movie Blair TWITCH Project

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