A Kid Update

I’m already becoming that parent. You know, the kind that no longer takes pictures of his kids.

That said, this picture was taken on my cellphone. The story is below.

I hate that parent. I need to stop being that parent. The camera hasn’t been clicked in about 10 days, so I really don’t have anything new to show you. Particularly of Erin — who since her birth June 10 has sprouted into a real live little girl.

Of course, she wasn’t happy today at her two-month appointment. Three shots. Two in one leg, one in another. I couldn’t go because of work stuff, but Renee says she had a pretty good scream and then settled down. She’s sleeping soundly tonight already, so it could have taken a lot out of her.

But, in terms of measurements, did I mention she’s growing?

She was born at 8 pounds even and 22 inches long.

She’s now just shy of 14 pounds and is two feet tall (well, long). That’s the 95th percentile in both height and weight.

She smiles now, too, which is cool. Hopefully I can catch one of those on camera soon. She’s definitely got her own little personality going, which is pretty cool. And, heck, ask Anna or Molly, but she almost rolled over last night, too.

Of course, they, and others, were only able to see her last night when she was out of her carrier and the stroller. You see, big brother Aidan is quite protective of his little sister. Her carrier has its own mini canopy on it. And, well, if she’s in the carrier and you want to see her, good luck.

Step close and Aidan is watching you — so much that he comes over and covers her face with the canopy, refusing to let go and putting his body in front of it, too, so you can’t see her.

“He’s just very protective,” we say.

He loves her though. No doubt about that. He had “100 questions” for the doctor today when he went to her appointment. He wanted to know when she would talk, when she would crawl, when she would walk and when she would be ready to play with him.

We’re working very hard on the sharing thing. It’s a challenge. Probably the biggest one I think we’ve dealt with, including more stressful than the whole poop thing.

Until recently, he wouldn’t poop on the toilet here. Only at my in-laws. But, the last couple days, he has done it here.

He even called me today to say, and this is a direct quote:

Daddy, I did a super duper big mushy gushy one on the potty! I flushed it down the toilet right into the septic tank. That’s where it is!

Yup, that’s my boy.

A big milestone was crossed Wednesday morning for him, too.

The dentist!

After having a rough morning, we almost didn’t go to the appointment. I think Renee and I were both concerned how he would do, given his morning behavior.

But, he did great! His only challenge was sitting in the chair. Not sitting in it, per se, but trusting that he wasn’t going to fall out when he put his head back and the hygenist adjusted the chair.

Once he got that down, no worries at all — despite a little nervous look on his face. He opened super wide when he was asked and really enjoyed having his teeth polished — mainly because he picked out the grape flavored toothpaste.

And, when he was done, he looked at the hygenist and said, “Where are the prizes?”

Pictures soon. I promise!

What else? I got nothin’.

4 Comments on “A Kid Update”

  1. christine b says:

    Okay, it’s kind of sad that Erin already weighs the same amount as my puny little 7-month-old (he weighed in at 13 lbs. only four weeks ago – that’s the 3rd percentile!). I’m sure Erin is just beautiful, and I can’t wait to see more pics.

  2. jc says:

    Mike –

    I had issues with Mary pooping (or holding it in) that I resolved with giving her a prize for every time she pooped when she was here.

    It went on for a little while and suppositories were used from time to time, but, she got past it.

    And now, she’s gone poopy in a restaurant a few times when I’ve taken her out for dinner.

    So, get off your bum bum and take some pictures for pete’s sake. This time will NEVER come back. Yesterday is gone….and so are those photo ops. You can only handle today.

    adios muchacho.

  3. molly says:

    She did almost roll over. I saw it! She was also making a very Aidan face when she did it.

  4. Anna says:

    Erin was actually rolling over to grab my beer, but my almost 14-month-old was clutching it at the time, so she couldn’t reach it. He REALLY needs to learn to share.

    And way to go Aidan! And his friend Will would say, “that’s a lotta poop!”

    Loving the new and improved blog, Mike–now with photos! Keep taking them–and I’m ready for a photo date with Erin and her bro whenever she’s ready.

    And finally, Christine, at the same party, Henry was in his stroller, and our new CFO said, “How old is he, nine months?” OKAY, SO HE IS ONLY 10TH PERCENTILE, HE IS STILL CATCHING UP! He’s not THAT small!

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