Nothing Specific

Ok, so I just sat here for five minutes thinking of a title for this post. And, like the title of this entire blog, I got nothin’.

I feel as though I should, however. Lots going on around these parts. So, for this installment, just a few ramblings for you.

One thing is true. I am reaching a new level in this whole blogging thing.

I wouldn’t quite say I’m hitting the big time, but it’s damn close. Well, ok, maybe not damn close. Maybe just close.

If you don’t know, Molly works for me. She’s technically my assistant, but it’s not like she gets me coffee or anything. Besides, I don’t even drink coffee.

Well, those that are regulars to this wonderful land of my blogging life have Molly to thank for me actually being here.

And, well, Molly’s on vacation this week. She’s off to Vegas, in fact. Oh, how I love the Vegas.

So, before she left, Molly asked me to be a guest blogger on her site, which you can find here.

I mean, how in the world could I pass that up? She blogs like there’s no tomorrow. She could have picked a lot of people. But she picked me. I think that’s pretty cool. The only problem? In the rotation, I’m up after her mom. Talk about a tough act to follow. I gave it my all, however.

So, faithful readers, new readers, heck, any readers, be sure to head over here to check out my guest spot Tuesday. I’m guessing it’ll be posted early Tuesday afternoon.

Ok, now that it took me forever to get that out of the way. A few more random things from me.

My sister-in-law arrives Tuesday from Florida. Think your chocolate chip cookies are good? You haven’t had hers. Best. Ever. Bar. None.

Doctor’s appointment today for the newest edition to our family. She’s grown an inch and put on two pounds. Woo-hoo.

Dentist for me tomorrow (Tuesday as you read this). Love going to the dentist. Why? Because he’s a Yankee fan, and I’m a Sox fan. It’s good to go in there when leading the race.

Today (Monday) is my Dad’s birthday. He would have been 73. Miss you, Dad.

Humidity and I don’t get along. Yet I still haven’t gotten my car’s AC fixed (it hasn’t worked since last August). Pathetic, I know.

So we all went to Erin’s doctor’s appointment today. The doc was running late, so we were reading books with Aidan while we waited. Erin was perfectly content to just chill out on the exam table.

There were five or six books in the exam room. We’d read one, and then Aidan would ask us to get another book — a good one. As I was pulling them out to show him, I came across the classic story of Cinderella.

“That’s for girls, Daddy.”


This last thought is a little gross. But, I’m sorry. I can’t resist. I mentioned to someone that I had to “take a dump” today. This person, who I might add, is female, raised an incredible question I’ve never even considered. And, candidly, I’m shocked this hasn’t come up anywhere before.

“Why do we ‘take a dump’,” she asked. “We’re not taking anything. In fact, we’re leaving something!”

I can’t think of anything more brilliant than that. 😉

So what else? I got nothin’.

8 Comments on “Nothing Specific”

  1. jc says:

    JC –

    When I “leave a crap” at the office I offer (well YELL) these words of consolation to anyone in the bathroom at the same time as me:


    And, hopefully, this is where Mike says:


    My eyes await your comment to my comment oh luminous one(s).

  2. Anna says:

    You know, “release the hounds” seems a lot more fun than “take a dump.”

    Though which would I rather hear, with my office next to the bathroom?


    There is always the middle ground, you know, the old “dropping off some friends at the lake,” or “legislating an anti-logging bill.”

    Glad to hear Erin is growing so well! And I would like to challenge that chocolate chip cookie statement, I’m just saying…

  3. Mrs. Palmer says:

    Well i thought my cookies were the best?

  4. ME says:

    My buddy Rich Scott used to always say, “Don’t take one, leave one.” That was in high school, a long time ago.

    I still like “Dropping the kids off at the school” & “Taking the Browns to the Super Bowl”.

  5. molly's mom says:

    my favorite (uttered by a boston friend after a great time in an Indian restaurant) was “going to free my vindaloo”

  6. Anna says:

    Okay, Molly’s mom:

    Why don’t you have a blog?
    Because you are fantastic!

    Consider yourself tagged:

  7. bp says:

    Thanks for telling me about Molly’s blog.. She is a RIOT!
    Something else to read on my hum-drum days…. excellent!
    thanks again

  8. jc says:

    Mike – was hoping you’d right more this week.

    So, I’ll say these words to you regarding your need to write in here:

    Release Your Hounds!

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