Aidan’s First Movie Adventure

Our son Aidan is three.

Oh, and you should also know, he’s the cutest three-year-old you’ll ever meet. Smartest, too.

(What did you expect me to say about him?!)

That aside, ever since he turned three, I’ve wanted to take him to his first movie. For some reason, that seemed the right age. Now we just needed the right movie.

Enter Ratatouille. (Not even sure if I spelled that right nor not. Honestly, too lazy to look it up.)

I certainly didn’t expect him to grab the entire plot and all it had to offer, but the idea of a big screen, popcorn, animation and, more importantly, a first-time experience with my son, was really what I was after.

So we went Sunday afternoon. It was a no nap day, but I figured a new experience would give a new perspective on the day. Usually no nap days can get dangerous in the late afternoon. This was a gamble I was well aware of, but I decided to take the risk anyway.

While we were driving up, he kept asking about popcorn. I told him we could probably get some, but that we were going to have some animal crackers first. Successfully smuggled in animal crackers, I might add.

The previews were on when we found our seats. Stadium style, so we had to climb up a few rows to get to the great seats. On the aisle, of course, in anticipation of any early exit needs.

I should mention, too, that my son is a huge Thomas the Tank Engine fan. And, on his t-shirt were two Thomas stickers. This will matter in a minute. Honest.

As the previews played, Aidan’s first question, in between bites of cracker was, “This the movie, Daddy?”

“Not yet, bud, but it’s coming soon.” I then explained what a preview was. Or at least I tried to.

So the movie starts and he’s busily snacking on the crackers and sipping his juice. And, I think he was actually enjoying the show.

I pulled the bag of crackers away after a bit (this would turn out to be my move of the day).

A few minutes later, he asks, “Popcorn now, daddy?”

Just a minute, I reply, hoping he’ll forget it, but knowing he won’t.

Two more minutes. “Now, daddy?”

“Sure, bud, let’s go.”

We left our seats and went out to the concession area. I spent $7.50 for a small popcorn and soda. We went back to our seats. He seemed to like this ‘mission.’

We climbed to our seats, I took a sip of the soda, a bite of the popcorn and handed some to him.


“I don’t like it,” as only a three-year-old could whine.

“What’s wrong?”

“I don’t like it.”

OK, so, like I said, score points for me for saving a few animal crackers. They came in quite handy and everything seemed ok for another 15 minutes.

More tears.

“What’s wrong?”

“Thomas stickers aren’t sticking anymore.”

I told you they would be important!

I held on to the stickers for another five minutes.

No tears this time. But, instead it was, “We go now?”

“You sure?”

“We go now?”

He’s sure.

Other than the popcorn and sticker dilemmas, I’m still counting this as a successful trip. We were about an hour and 10 minutes in, which is the longest he’s watched anything, so I was pretty happy.

But, come on, at the same point, I was like, “Yeah, I’m the parent that the other parents are probably saying, ‘Who takes someone that young to the movies?’ or ‘Look at that poor guy, having to take his kid home.'”

It didn’t matter though. Who cares what they think.

We’re halfway out of the theater and he says, “Can I have my stickers?”

“Sure, here they are.”

But, here was one, not the other. I lost it. Or, as it turns out, I misplaced it. We, of course, couldn’t leave without both of them. A few steps retracing our path and I found it. Thank God.

We weren’t two steps out of the door when my favorite line of the day came out.

“We go back now, daddy? Movie still playing?”

So he did like it!!!

“It sure is, bud, but we can’t go back now. Another time.”


“What was your favorite part?”

“The big screen. And the waterfall.”

There was no waterfall, but there was a scene with rats being rushed through a sewer system, so that was his waterfall.

Ten minutes later, driving home:

“We go back, daddy?”

“Another time, bud.”

Defintely another time.

What else? I got nothin’.

2 Comments on “Aidan’s First Movie Adventure”

  1. Mrs. Palmer says:

    AWWWW….I love it! Going to the movies with the kids is so much fun!I love to go with the boys! Now you have a reason to see some of those cool kid movies….bring the kid! Peace out!

  2. Anonymous says:

    JC Says – this story totally reminds me of a story involving my 4th wife – the stickers part.

    what parallel universes we live in.

    ps…just kidding.

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