It’s Monday…and I’m Rambling

So, you have spoken. Dylan is your favorite 90210 character. Can’t really say as though I blame you. Figured it would be between Dylan and Kelly — but since more women read this than men, I understand the results. And I’m ok with that.

I held off on the favorite Melrose Place character poll. That’ll come though. And soon. I just didn’t want to do them back to back. Although, speaking of back to back, when they were on FOX one after the other, I’m not sure I’ve ever been happier in front of the TV.

It’s hot. Not just hot. Humid. I hate humidity. It does such things to my hair. Sorry, just was trying to relate to the readership! ๐Ÿ™‚

So we’ve been thinking about changing the name of my son to Sybil. He’s like the weather in Vermont. Don’t like it? That’s ok, it’ll change in two minutes. I don’t mean this to be cruel at all, but the fact is, we’re having difficulty with two things — poops and sharing.

He will only poop on the toilet at my mother-in-law’s — no matter what we try to bribe him with. It’s hard to “don’t worry about it, just let it run its course.” We know he can do it. He knows he can do it. But I guess it’s just a control thing.

The other thing is sharing. One minute he’s threatening to “hide all my toys” and the next minute he’s offering his juice around to anyone and everyone. Again, he gets it, but he’s just not into this sharing thing completely.

I know we’ll get there, but it can be extremely frustrating and it tries your (well, mine) patience (as well as Renee’s) incredibly so. But, we’re hanging in there. These, I guess, are the trying threes. Perhaps our punishment since we never dealt with the terrible twos.

Erin, who is filling out like a little linebacker, has smiled — but not for me. Mom, Aunt Steph and Aidan have seen it. But not daddy — at least not yet.

Some of my favorite Aidanisms over the last couple of days:

His 8-year-old cousin Collin is visiting. They were getting changed to go in the pool. Both naked at the time and Aidan says, “Why is his penis bigger than mine?”

And, staying with that same theme, I was going the bathroom and the door was open. Aidan was down the hall. He heard me going (um, I was standing, not grunting….) and came running down to, um, watch?

“Where’s the potty coming from, daddy?”

“My penis, Aidan, just like when you go.”

Turning his head for a better look, he says, “That’s a big one, daddy.”

You know, these sharing issues don’t seem so bad after all!

What else? I got nothin’.

Joey, Justin and Lance Would be Pleased…

…to know that you, the readers of I Got Nothin’, have voted N’Sync as your favorite boy band of all time, edging out the Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block. I’m sorry to say that nobody cast a vote for LFO. Shocking.

So, I have no idea what questions are going to come up on this poll, but for today’s edition, we’re going back to one of TV’s alltime greatest shows.

That’s right. I could only be talking about Beverly Hills, 90210.

Admit it. The theme song is going in your head right now.

What else? I got nothin’.

It’s Too Quiet Around Here

So my family is on a road trip. Only, I’m not with them.

Yup, my wife, my three-year-old son and my six-week-old daughter are in Vermont. Joining them is my wife’s sister, who is visiting from Florida for a couple of weeks.

They left Sunday morning. I was then busy until about 6 p.m. Sunday night. But when I got home, instead of finding my son playing with his trains and my wife most likely feeding my daughter, I found, well, nothing. Except left overs in the fridge.

So they are in Vermont visiting my wife and her sister’s favorite aunt. They have an amazing house on, basically, a farm. Just picturesque Vermont. But, I’ve got work and other stuff going on, so I didn’t make the trip.

Now I’m wishing I had. I like my time, don’t get me wrong.

But did I mention how quiet it is?

There are some pros — like I can have the air conditioner on all night, I can leave the dishes until the morning, I can wait on the laundry (as long as I get it done before they get home).

But there are three obvious cons — the people I love the most aren’t here. But, they’ll be back soon enough. Plenty to keep me busy.

There’s no debating with my son about whether or not we’re going to read two, three, four or more books for bed. But, there’s also no going in his room to check on him and just watch him there in his loft bed, breathing peacefully and recharging his batteries for another day on the go.

There’s no changing one diaper for my daughter and end up changing three at one time because she wasn’t really done with her poop afterall. But, there’s also no falling asleep with her on my chest as we rock the day away.

There’s no picking up all the laundry for my wife to put in one or two loads at night. But, there’s also nobody to spoon with when I rollover in the middle night.

Renee, Aidan, Erin. Enjoy Vermont. Take lots of pictures.

But do me one favor.

Hurry home.

What else? I got nothin’.

Mixing It Up a Bit

Ok, so who noticed that I changed my color scheme on here a couple of weeks ago?

It’s ok if you didn’t. I still like you.

The fact is, more people are coming here (and probably wondering why once they’ve made it), so it seemed like I should spruce the place up a bit.

You’ll also noticed that I’ve added a poll feature to the right.

If you’re wondering what brought about the first question, let me explain.

Molly and I usually have music on in the office throughout the day. And it usually comes off my iPod.

We had a little BSB going the other day, which then caused me to switch to NKOTB and then finally to LFO.

I’m a guy in my mid-30s. Got a problem with me liking boy bands? Good!

So, not sure what type of questions will go up there from time to time, but it’ll be fun to get your answers. So, have at it!

What else? I got nothin’.

Crazy Eights

Well, this blogging thing has been pretty crazy for me lately. First, I was a guest blogger for Molly while she was on vacation (in Vegas).

Now, I’ve been tagged. And, in the process of tagging me, Anna has described me as big time.

Can the bar be set any higher than that? I’m thinking not.

Apparently this act of being tagged or tagging is something about a meme. Beats me. I may be big time, but I don’t understand all of this blogging terminology all the time. All I know is that it’s called Crazy Eights, and I’m supposed to tell you eight things about me.

I have to post these rules before I give up the goods. Each player starts with eight random facts or habits about themselves. People who are tagged are now obliged to write an entry telling us eight things about themselves and post these rules. At the end of your blog entry, tag eight new, unsuspecting bloggers and list their names. (Oh, and leave them a comment telling them theyโ€™re tagged JUST IN CASE they missed that day on your blog.)

1. I’m in a movie. A real movie, actually. It’s called Heavy. Good chance you haven’t seen it. But it does exist! It stars Shelley Winters, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Liv Tyler and Debbie Harry. I was working in New York at the time, for the The Culinary Institute of America. The movie was being filmed in New York and the director wanted Vince’s character, an aspiring chef, to come on a tour of the CIA. I was one of two people working with the film crew on everything. When it came time for the scene, they needed a tour guide. That would be me. So, during the movie, if you can find it somewhere, you’ll see me briefly on screen, but you’ll hear my voice for about two minutes. This is all midway through the film. And, maybe you haven’t seen Heavy, but you have seen more from the director. Check out what else he’s done. And to think it all started with me!

2. I once rode around in a limo all day with Bob Denver. You know, Gilligan. I’d tell you the story, but when I offered before, nobody cared.

3. I love live music. Love going to concerts. My first concert was Kiss. I was 10, if you can believe it. The last concert I saw was Cheap Trick. You’ll see my taste in music varies wildly as I list for you other bands/artists I’ve seen live: U2, Bon Jovi, Eagles, Poison, Cinderella, Warrant, Ratt, Winger, Tiffany, Cheap Trick, Robert Plant, Bob Seger, Whitesnake, The Alarm, REM, Tom Petty, Brian Setzer, Eddie Money, Pat Benatar, Kansas, Matchbox Twenty, Sugar Ray, 38 Special, Van Halen, Scorpions, Metallica, Dokken, Michael Buble, Whitney Houston, Kenny G, Five for Fighting, Goo Goo Dolls, The Bangles, Peter, Paul and Mary, Aerosmith, Richard Marx, Allman Brothers, Dennis DeYoung, Mike & the Mechanics, The Outfield, The Hooters, Barenaked Ladies, Billy Joel, Elton John, Celine Dion, The Corrs, Firehouse, Def Leppard, Gavin DeGraw, George Winston, Heart, Huey Lewis & the News, Indigo Girls, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Jewel, Journey, Kristin Chenoweth, Motley Crue, Sugarland and Train.

4. I’m addicted to fantasy baseball. I play in two leagues (down from three). I’ve been playing for almost 20 years.

5. I might have the worst skin ever. Very sensitive. Very dry. Hate shaving — but will never grow a beard.

6. I don’t read as many books as I should — or would like. Usually, I read in streaks. If I manage to pick something up, I buzz through it and then want another one right away. But, right now, as I write this, I can’t tell you the last book I read.

7. If I was a celebrity and was chosen to be on Dancing with the Stars, I’d want Cheryl or Edyta as my partner.

8. I was one of the last people (Matt, who is tagged below, is the other) to play on my all-time favorite mini golf course before it was sold at auction. I have such good memories from there, that I bought things from the place at auction — including part of the 18th hole, which was a clown’s face where you could get strokes taken off your score depending on whether you put the ball in the clown’s nose, mouth or eyes. It sits in a basement now, and it’s something that I’ll never be able to get rid of.

Ok, so now you know a bit more about me. Still like me?

I’m going to break the rules a bit. I’m not going to tag eight people. Truthfully, I may be big time, but I don’t have eight good people to tag. Besides, Anna took two of my would-be taggers. So, I’m giving you what I’ve got.

First, I tag Matt. He has no problem making lists about movies or songs, so giving up eight things about himself shouldn’t be hard. Besides, he hasn’t posted in a while and he needs to keep it going.

Next up is John, a dear friend from college with a unique perspective on life. You’ll see what I’m talking about when you learn more about him.

Hallie’s next. She’s new to the blogging world. I find her incredibly funny, and she’s a great friend. She’s a single mom raising three kids, so I’m not sure when she’ll get to this, but I have faith.

I’m going to do half the job — literally. I’m tagging four. And, the fourth is someone I met in person only one time. She has, however, one of the coolest names. Her name is Nova, and her blog is here. Nova is a great friend of Christine, whom I would have tagged if Anna didn’t already do it. So, Nova, you’re the one I’m going out on a limb to tag. Hope you don’t mind!

Ok. What else? I got nothin’.

Nothing Specific

Ok, so I just sat here for five minutes thinking of a title for this post. And, like the title of this entire blog, I got nothin’.

I feel as though I should, however. Lots going on around these parts. So, for this installment, just a few ramblings for you.

One thing is true. I am reaching a new level in this whole blogging thing.

I wouldn’t quite say I’m hitting the big time, but it’s damn close. Well, ok, maybe not damn close. Maybe just close.

If you don’t know, Molly works for me. She’s technically my assistant, but it’s not like she gets me coffee or anything. Besides, I don’t even drink coffee.

Well, those that are regulars to this wonderful land of my blogging life have Molly to thank for me actually being here.

And, well, Molly’s on vacation this week. She’s off to Vegas, in fact. Oh, how I love the Vegas.

So, before she left, Molly asked me to be a guest blogger on her site, which you can find here.

I mean, how in the world could I pass that up? She blogs like there’s no tomorrow. She could have picked a lot of people. But she picked me. I think that’s pretty cool. The only problem? In the rotation, I’m up after her mom. Talk about a tough act to follow. I gave it my all, however.

So, faithful readers, new readers, heck, any readers, be sure to head over here to check out my guest spot Tuesday. I’m guessing it’ll be posted early Tuesday afternoon.

Ok, now that it took me forever to get that out of the way. A few more random things from me.

My sister-in-law arrives Tuesday from Florida. Think your chocolate chip cookies are good? You haven’t had hers. Best. Ever. Bar. None.

Doctor’s appointment today for the newest edition to our family. She’s grown an inch and put on two pounds. Woo-hoo.

Dentist for me tomorrow (Tuesday as you read this). Love going to the dentist. Why? Because he’s a Yankee fan, and I’m a Sox fan. It’s good to go in there when leading the race.

Today (Monday) is my Dad’s birthday. He would have been 73. Miss you, Dad.

Humidity and I don’t get along. Yet I still haven’t gotten my car’s AC fixed (it hasn’t worked since last August). Pathetic, I know.

So we all went to Erin’s doctor’s appointment today. The doc was running late, so we were reading books with Aidan while we waited. Erin was perfectly content to just chill out on the exam table.

There were five or six books in the exam room. We’d read one, and then Aidan would ask us to get another book — a good one. As I was pulling them out to show him, I came across the classic story of Cinderella.

“That’s for girls, Daddy.”


This last thought is a little gross. But, I’m sorry. I can’t resist. I mentioned to someone that I had to “take a dump” today. This person, who I might add, is female, raised an incredible question I’ve never even considered. And, candidly, I’m shocked this hasn’t come up anywhere before.

“Why do we ‘take a dump’,” she asked. “We’re not taking anything. In fact, we’re leaving something!”

I can’t think of anything more brilliant than that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So what else? I got nothin’.

Aidan’s First Movie Adventure

Our son Aidan is three.

Oh, and you should also know, he’s the cutest three-year-old you’ll ever meet. Smartest, too.

(What did you expect me to say about him?!)

That aside, ever since he turned three, I’ve wanted to take him to his first movie. For some reason, that seemed the right age. Now we just needed the right movie.

Enter Ratatouille. (Not even sure if I spelled that right nor not. Honestly, too lazy to look it up.)

I certainly didn’t expect him to grab the entire plot and all it had to offer, but the idea of a big screen, popcorn, animation and, more importantly, a first-time experience with my son, was really what I was after.

So we went Sunday afternoon. It was a no nap day, but I figured a new experience would give a new perspective on the day. Usually no nap days can get dangerous in the late afternoon. This was a gamble I was well aware of, but I decided to take the risk anyway.

While we were driving up, he kept asking about popcorn. I told him we could probably get some, but that we were going to have some animal crackers first. Successfully smuggled in animal crackers, I might add.

The previews were on when we found our seats. Stadium style, so we had to climb up a few rows to get to the great seats. On the aisle, of course, in anticipation of any early exit needs.

I should mention, too, that my son is a huge Thomas the Tank Engine fan. And, on his t-shirt were two Thomas stickers. This will matter in a minute. Honest.

As the previews played, Aidan’s first question, in between bites of cracker was, “This the movie, Daddy?”

“Not yet, bud, but it’s coming soon.” I then explained what a preview was. Or at least I tried to.

So the movie starts and he’s busily snacking on the crackers and sipping his juice. And, I think he was actually enjoying the show.

I pulled the bag of crackers away after a bit (this would turn out to be my move of the day).

A few minutes later, he asks, “Popcorn now, daddy?”

Just a minute, I reply, hoping he’ll forget it, but knowing he won’t.

Two more minutes. “Now, daddy?”

“Sure, bud, let’s go.”

We left our seats and went out to the concession area. I spent $7.50 for a small popcorn and soda. We went back to our seats. He seemed to like this ‘mission.’

We climbed to our seats, I took a sip of the soda, a bite of the popcorn and handed some to him.


“I don’t like it,” as only a three-year-old could whine.

“What’s wrong?”

“I don’t like it.”

OK, so, like I said, score points for me for saving a few animal crackers. They came in quite handy and everything seemed ok for another 15 minutes.

More tears.

“What’s wrong?”

“Thomas stickers aren’t sticking anymore.”

I told you they would be important!

I held on to the stickers for another five minutes.

No tears this time. But, instead it was, “We go now?”

“You sure?”

“We go now?”

He’s sure.

Other than the popcorn and sticker dilemmas, I’m still counting this as a successful trip. We were about an hour and 10 minutes in, which is the longest he’s watched anything, so I was pretty happy.

But, come on, at the same point, I was like, “Yeah, I’m the parent that the other parents are probably saying, ‘Who takes someone that young to the movies?’ or ‘Look at that poor guy, having to take his kid home.'”

It didn’t matter though. Who cares what they think.

We’re halfway out of the theater and he says, “Can I have my stickers?”

“Sure, here they are.”

But, here was one, not the other. I lost it. Or, as it turns out, I misplaced it. We, of course, couldn’t leave without both of them. A few steps retracing our path and I found it. Thank God.

We weren’t two steps out of the door when my favorite line of the day came out.

“We go back now, daddy? Movie still playing?”

So he did like it!!!

“It sure is, bud, but we can’t go back now. Another time.”


“What was your favorite part?”

“The big screen. And the waterfall.”

There was no waterfall, but there was a scene with rats being rushed through a sewer system, so that was his waterfall.

Ten minutes later, driving home:

“We go back, daddy?”

“Another time, bud.”

Defintely another time.

What else? I got nothin’.

I’d Like to Thank the Academy…

I rock.

Don’t just take my word for it. Take Molly’s.

After all, today she dubbed me a Rockin’ Blogger. I’m not really sure what that means, other than that she likes my stuff and now a bunch of her readers have been here to check me out.

I know you’ve been here. I’ve been watching you!

Just hope that you’ve found something to come back and visit from time to time. And, hey, I love comments as much as the next guy.

So, thanks, Molly, for passing it along. Thanks Molly’s readers for checking me out.

Enjoy the 4th.

Next up — the story of a three-year-old’s first trip to the movies.

What else? I got nothin’.

One Day at a Time

I wish this post were about the TV show that shared the same title.

I probably could write for hours about Valerie Bertinelli.

Instead it’s about life and what’s been going on in mine and trying to get back to ‘normalcy’ — if there even is such a thing.

Besides, when I get around to it, and that will hopefully be soon, I have a funny tale to tell about bringing my three-year-old to his first movie this weekend. The one about the rats. I’m not even going to try and spell it, but you know what I’m talking about.

But first, to those who have read my last few posts about everything — thank you. I wasn’t trying to make you cry. I wasn’t trying to over-share, I was writing first and foremost for myself, and if along the way you learned a little bit more about my brother, then that’s a good thing.

I can share one other thing with you. I mentioned he was an organ donor and two people got a new kidney because of him. Well, my sister-in-law heard from one of the patients via the organ donation people (I’m sure they have a name, but organ donation people will do for now).

One of the patients is a man in his mid-40s. He has three kids. His oldest daughter is getting married later this year. Because of the gift he received from my brother, he now looks forward to being able to walk his daughter down the aisle at her wedding, something he wasn’t going to be able to do before this.

Again, not trying to make you cry. Just saying.

And to all of my friends that have absolutely been awesome through this, my thanks. I am amazed at the outpouring of concern that I (and my family) have received.

It often takes a hardship to realize how good people can be. And how many people really are ‘there for you.’ It’s pretty cool to know that I have friends that drove more than three hours to spend five minutes with me at a wake. Or to know that tonight a friend is bringing over dinner for us. Or that I didn’t have to worry about anything at work. Or that the big pile of laundry was done and folded for us. And I could go on and on and on.

The fact is — I have awesome friends. And I thank you.