Tim, Part IV

Note: this ‘series’ starts with Life is Precious on the left. If you’re new, start there and read oldest to newest, if you want to, that is. If you’re returning, I’ve posted a few here at once.

The next few days are a blur. A lot of it is.

We met at the funeral home. We helped Sue pick out a casket, set a wake time, finalize pallbearers.

I finished the obit and worked with the funeral home to have it placed in various papers.

I worked with Brendan on his eulogy, helping him focus on good times and thoughts he had with his Dad. Could a 13-year-old really handle this?

I met with the priest to go over readings and music selection.

And I actually went into work. I had to, at least for a half day to try and have some normalcy in my life and to forget about stuff for a while.

Some people were surprised at ‘how well I was doing.’ I wasn’t doing well. I may have come across that way, but my way to deal with stress sometimes is humor. That’s what I was trying to be. Happy go lucky and funny Mike. And maybe that did help me for a bit, as were primarily focused on the ‘business’ of things.

But I knew it would change. That I would have one more breakdown. I just hoped it wasn’t during my eulogy.

Then you start getting crazy about certain things. People are always good about food and stuff. Well, after my Dad died, one my Mom’s friends made the most amazing comfort food. It was like a cheeseburger casserole thing. Just incredible.

All I could think about was, “Wait, will Mrs. R be making that? When will we get it?!”

Yeah, this is how your mind works when your brother dies.

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