If you haven’t read the previous post (scroll down), then you should.

A lot of stuff going on in my head. It’s slowly working its way out.

Since I’m not really sure which way to go right now, I’m headed in the chronological direction, which means you get the good news first.

Did I say good news? Because I meant fabulous news.

Did I say fabulous news? Because I meant amazing news.

On Sunday, June 10, our three-year-old son Aidan became a big brother to Erin Margaret, who clocked in at 8:04 a.m. weighing an even eight pounds and measuring 22 inches of just sweet perfection.

Now, my wife and I are always very prompt. Never late. Always early. But, little miss Erin? She arrived 10 days earlier than expected! We were ready (barely!).

When Aidan was born, my wife was in labor for nearly 16 hours, including three hours of hard pushing.

“They” say the second is about half the time. For us (well, ok, for her), it was less than half the time.

We went out for pizza Saturday night. My wife thought she felt a couple of things going on. But, we thought Braxton-Hicks because they stopped as soon as she moved or shifted.

At 10 p.m. or so, she noticed more. She wasn’t thinking anything of it, but I asked her to at least time them so we can see what we’re dealing with — which was soon to be the real deal.

I fell asleep downstairs watching the Red Sox when she came down about 2:30 and said, Ok, I think something’s going on.

We timed some more. Contractions were steady, but still a ways apart. But getting closer each time. I packed some of my stuff in her bag. We also called my mother-in-law with a heads-up. We had another friend come over first, actually. She got the call a little later when we knew we were going to the hospital.

At 4:15 a.m., things were more intense. We called the doctor, they said come on in. So, we said goodbye to our son as he slept peacefully, not knowing that his mom and dad wouldn’t be there in a couple of hours when he woke up.

“Miss Deb” came over to be at the house when Aidan woke up. Everything went fine. She later said that when she went into the room when Aidan woke, the first thing he said was, “Baby here yet?”

At the hospital just after 5 a.m. and the first exam calls Renee three centimeters. Contractions getting more intense and causing wicked back pain.

Progress over the next two hours. The epidural is put in at 7 a.m., and that might have triggered some things. Who knows?

All we know is that by 7:45, she had to push. And push hard.

The doc came in and said, “She’s having this baby now” and with just a few pushes from Renee and some deterimination from our little girl, Erin was soon out in this world.

The moment was just unreal. We didn’t know we were having a girl. And when they told us, it was just complete joy and emotional overload.

I cried hard twice this week. Once for Erin and once for my brother. Not sure which one was a harder cry, but I do know they were both filled with completely different emotions.

I didn’t cut Aidan’s cord, but I did it for Erin. Renee insisted. Like Aidan, I could hardly see at the time because of tears in my eyes. But, I got it done.

We then took lots of pictures, had a great time getting to know our little one and just relaxed, knowing that we wouldn’t get to do that much longer!

We had a great first night and were having a great second day when I got a phone call that would change everything.

In the meantime though, this little girl, this little Erin Margaret, has no idea how much joy and comfort she is bringing — just by being.

Daddy loves you, Erin Margaret.

4 Comments on “Erin”

  1. ME says:

    Hey pal. I hope that your writing these entries is helping. I wish I knew what to say. Just know Mary & I are thinking of you. Please don’t hesitate to ask for anything.

  2. molly says:

    I am so happy that during the hard time there is a ray of sunshine in your life. I can’t wait to meet her.

  3. Anonymous says:

    JC Here –

    Congratulations. Another FIJ in this world.


    Glad to hear it.

  4. Anna says:

    I have tears running down my face right now, but that is a good thing.
    Thank you for sharing your stories, the good news and the bad.

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