From the Mouths of…


So we’re sitting at the table today for lunch. Now, we have wooden chairs, which, I guess you could say could amplify the sound of flatulence, should it be dispersed while sitting there.

There was a noise during lunch. However, it was just me adjusting in my chair (honest!). Nevertheless, it made a noise that you might say could be confused for something else.

Aidan, who is three, just looked up from eating his lunch and said:

“You ripped a big one, daddy.”

That’s my boy.

And, that’s just one of his two classics today.

We’re working on potty training. Progress is definitely being made. No diapers during the day at all. Very good signs.

So, I was, um, ‘going’ today when Aidan came running in the bathroom to observe.

As I’m standing there, just about done, he starts wiggling his hips and says:

“Shake it like this, daddy.”

Again, that’s my boy.

What else? I got nothin’.

One Comment on “From the Mouths of…”

  1. Lil' Joe says:

    Boys will be boys, but Congratulations on the birth of girl #2 (Erin)! Just make sure you keep her away from guys like those that used to live in A-6…

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