Three Weeks Until the Baby Arrives…

Yeah, read the title of this post again.


June 20th is the due date of child number two. Wait a minute though. Aren’t we the couple that wasn’t going to have kids? Hmmm. Yeah, I think so.

Well, that was then. And, this, as they say, is now.

Have I mellowed so much that I’m not nervous or worried at all at this point? Is that even possible? Me, the person who wanted fish — not kids. I’m sitting here cool as a cucumber as we wait for the arrival of our second — yes, second — child.

But, yeah, I think that’s the truth.

My wife took yesterday off of work to do some things around the house. Stuff like packing away clothes that don’t fit Aidan anymore. And then replacing them with the clothes he wore as a little one.

Some say she was nesting. Nope. She’s just organized. She had the day off planned for a few weeks. Although she did say she feels it’s coming sooner than the due date.

Well, any day is sooner than the due date.


But I’m fine. Really.

Aidan was a week early.

So, bring it on.

Wait. Did I just type that?

Yup, turns out I did.

For those of you not in the loop, we don’t know what we’re having. Well, besides a baby. You knew that was coming. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

A few things left to do. Car seat bases put in among them. Bags to pack.

We’ve already done the ‘refresher’ birth class. I was valedictorian. I remembered most of the breathing patterns. And, yes, I will coach her through the process. The nurses even gave me kudos last time. I’m just saying.

Other things to get include a baby book and one of those first year calendar things. I had forgotten about that completely. My wife realized we didn’t have them the other day. Yikes. I mean, the mental stress to make sure everything is as equal for two as for one, right? Of course I think about that. How could I not?

The other thing not done yet — the final names. Here’s your chance to vote.

If we have a boy, it’ll be Liam. If it’s a girl, it’ll either be Erin or Margaret/Maggie. What do you think?

Well, that’s it for now. Three more weeks. Maybe. How crazy is that? Yeah. It’s crazy.

What else? I got nothin’.

7 Comments on “Three Weeks Until the Baby Arrives…”

  1. molly says:

    I vote for Erin.

  2. BP says:

    I vote for Erin.

  3. thethinker says:

    I vote Erin as well.

  4. Anna says:

    I love Liam, and if I didn’t already have a WilLIAM, I would have wanted #2 to be Liam.

    And hard to go wrong with Erin or Maggie–my sister is Margaret Claire Fitzgerald, and she goes by Maggie,so I guess my vote lies there.

    Waiting for the news any day now!

  5. Ford Collins says:

    Erin…but Maggie is also a winner. Maybe you see what she looks like and then decide. She might look more like a Maggie than Erin!

  6. Anna says:


    Let’s have Bring your Camera to Work Day SOON, you have a big job to do when that baby comes. I’ll give you a crash course in whatever I know about taking photos!

  7. Jen Magnuson says:

    Okay, dissenting vote here for Margaret. Maggie is such a great nickname, and Margaret is both feminine and strong, one that will serve her well into adulthood.

    Two is easier than one! With one, you have to be their everything, all the time. With two or more (come on, have some more) they play together…and fight….but mostly they keep each other occupied. You guys will do great!

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