Reader’s Choice

Ok, so the thing is this. Apparently you like what I write.

Why? Because people are visiting. I know, because I’m watching you.

And, truly, thank you — for sticking with me this long, especially through the dry spots. I’m going to try and be better. Things have just been nuts. And, with child number two coming, they will stay that way, but I’m going to try and be better.

And, so, as a reward for your faithfulness, I’m putting control of this space for the next five blogs directly in your hands.

We vote so much these days. American Idol. Dancing With the Stars. God knows what else.

With this post, you get to vote again.

Say what? Read on.

I’m going to list some potential topics. Your job is to post a comment (anonymous or not, I don’t care) and tell me which three you’d like to read about first. I’m posting this Wednesday night. I’ll post the winner sometime Friday and then follow up with the remaining most popular topics — according to your votes!

I figure it this way…you like what I write. But you don’t get any choice in what I write about.

Until now.

Excited? Hope so. If not, pretend!

OK….let’s see, I’ll start with five things I could write about, in no particular order:

1. The day I spent riding around in a limo with Bob Denver (yup, Gilligan).
2. The time I almost got arrested trying to scalp tickets to the Red Sox.
3. My trip to Italy — where I surprised my wife (who was already there) for her birthday.
4. A fun time I recently had with friends from high school — the cheerleader, the homecoming queen, the salutatorian and one of my first crushes.
5. My life as a star — from radio personality to movie extra.

So…there you have it. Five topics just pulled from the top of my head.

The poll is now open. You are in control. I write what you want.

So, what’s it going to be?

What else? I got nothin’.


8 Comments on “Reader’s Choice”

  1. Anna says:

    I want them all!
    But first, I must have the life as a star.

    Then the good times with the homecoming queen.

    I’ll report back with my next choices.

  2. ME says:

    I’m confused. You said we’re going to chose the next five blogs. Are we voting for the order of the next five?

  3. ME says:

    Apparently I can’t read that well. You’re only going to do three? Sheesh. Now I have to think about it.

  4. molly says:

    Ok…High school friends

    life as a star

    and Italy…because I am a sap.

  5. meghan says:

    hmm..those are some good topics… being the romantic that I am… I would definitely pick Italy as my number one vote… The Red Sox scalping as # 2, and my third pick is the high school get together…

    I can’t wait to read these… You always seem to capture my attention with your writing style

  6. ME says:

    #1 – Would be more interesting if it was Tina Louise

    #2 – Would be more interesting if you actually got arrested

    So I’m going to go with #5, #3 & #4.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Couldn’t resist voting.

    I agree with “me”…it would be more interesting if you’d actually gotten arrested. I want to hear a story about you looking at a big, mean convicted felon in the shower and saying “I got nothin'”.

    And since Gilligan has been known for his marijuana use, I’m afraid to vote for that one in case it involves lots of stops for junk food.

    So…my votes:

    1. Your life as a star (do you sign autographs…or just auction them off on E-Bay ala your friend, John?

    2. Your fun time with high school friends. Since you’ve been out of high school for 2 decades, I can’t wait to hear what everyone looks like now…

    3. Your trip to Italy. Because I’ve read enough of your posts to know it won’t be all romance…there’s bound to be SOMETHING hilarious about allowing you to leave the country!

  8. jc says:

    I’d choose # 5 because, selfishly, it would have to involve me at some point since we were JC and the Sunshine Man

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