One of Those Days

We’ve all had one of those days. You know, the kind of day that just sucks.

The kind of day when you get pissed at stuff for no apparent reason. The kind of day when, let’s face it, today is Wednesday, but it’s already been such a long week, it feels like it should be Wednesday of next week already.

Well. Guess what?

Today is one of those days. And, the thing is, I’m not even sure why. But, here are five possibilities:

Maybe it’s because I’m suffering from a lack of natural light in my new office. Oh, you don’t know about my new office? You know, the one with two windows instead of five? And, the one with a crooked floor.

Maybe it’s because my son has been sick, my wife has been sick and I’ve been trying not to get sick. Nobody is as fun when they are sick — especially me.

Maybe the wind, rain and impending cold have me down. Perhaps Mother Nature is punishing me for breaking out the short sleeve shirts before April 1?

Maybe I just can’t get over that more than 30 million people are going to keep Sanjaya on American Idol for yet another week.

Maybe I’m cranky because I’m craving cookies. Of course, I had cookies in my lunch. But, I was also hungry at 10 a.m., which is when I ate my cookies. So, now I sit here simply cookieless.

It could be one of those. It could be two of those. It could even be all of those.

If I figure it out, I’ll let you know.

What else? I got nothin’.

P.S. I’m thinking it might be the cookies.

3 Comments on “One of Those Days”

  1. Molly says:

    Good thing I gave you a cookie! Two days to go…you can do it!

  2. ME says:

    I hate days like that. Hopefully today is a little better for you.

    See, it’s all about perspective. Let’s take your issues in order:

    – The windows. You should be thankful you have windows period & can access the outside world with a 30 second walk. I know that office pretty well. (Try not to think what my former roommate may have done in that office.) I would kill to have those two windows considering my current location.

    – Being sick is not fun, I’ll give you that, especially if you’re working. It’s more tolerable when you’re home in bed or on the couch.

    – Learn to love rainy days. Then you won’t hate them. I drove through snow this morning. I blame you.

    – Sanjaya stayed, but at least we get to see Haley for another week.

    – Bring a stash of cookies & leave them in your desk. Better yet, get a case of cookies & keep them in the closet. (Way to bail him out Molly.)

    That’s all I got.

  3. molly says:

    A stash of cookies would not last very long in here. Just knowing they were in the drawer or closet would taunt me all day!

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