Catching Up

Faithful readers, I have returned.No excuses for my disappearance, if you will, just a lot going on. I’m sure you understand. And, well, if you don’t, there’s nothing I can do to change your mind. Or is there?

So, to get us back in the swing of things, how about a few random items for you to consider?

It’s St. Patrick’s Day. Makes me think of the Ireland trip we took in 1998. Lot’s of great memories. Can’t wait to go back — some day. Been listening to a lot of Irish music lately, too. Have you discovered the Boston Irish rockers Dropkick Murphys? If you haven’t, download Kiss Me I’m Shitfaced. You won’t be disappointed.

The annual corned beef dinner will be tomorrow. Perhaps with a Shamrock Shake. What’s a Shamrock Shake, you ask? Only the best thing McDonald’s has ever created. It’s a mint-flavored shaked that is, you guessed it, green. I’ve thought about an entire post about my affection for the Shamrock Shake, but I’m worried you’d think less of me after that. So while it pains me, I’m limiting my Shamrock Shake posting to just this paragraph.

So the NCAA tournament is happening. I didn’t fill out a bracket this year. Can’t even remember the last time I didn’t do one. Perhaps I’m suffering from March Madness. Heck, can’t even tell you the four number one seeds.

Opening Day is only two weeks away though. That I’m excited for — partially because it starts the Fantasy Baseball season, too.

Admit it, you’ve missed me.

I’ll admit this, I’m jazzed up for the start of the new Dancing with the Stars season. Cheryl, the pro dancer who has won the last two seasons with Drew Lachey and Emmit Smith, has been paired with Ian Zeiring. Let’s see how good she really is. If she can get Steve Sanders to win this thing, then she is, well, amazing. The only way to reward her? Her own sandwich at the Peach Pit.

Speaking of TV…I was ready to give up on LOST. But, the last few episodes have been pretty good. So, Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid and others, I’m still with you.

Are you still with me? Good.

I think that’s all for now.

What else? I got nothin.

One Comment on “Catching Up”

  1. ME says:

    I think you should tell us all about Uncle O’Grimacy and the Shamrock Shake. (BTW, I had my second one yesterday at the McD’s on West Main.)

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