Pet Peeves

Well, the last post set a record with 11 comments — not that I’m keeping track or anything like that. Not sure this one will top that mark, but I do want your feedback once you’ve read through this.

But, what is this, you ask?

It’s a list of some of my pet peeves.

Wipe the snow off your car. This isn’t hard, people. And, I’m not just talking about getting it off your windows. I’m talking about getting it off the top of your car. You know, so it doesn’t fly back as you accelerate and land on my windshield.

You’re in the wrong line! Twelve items or less means just that. It doesn’t mean 13. And it certainly doesn’t mean 18. The thing about this, I’m just as pissed at the register person here as I am for the person violating the rule. If it looks like more, tell them to go in the other line. Or, if you aren’t sure, but you count as you go, tell them next time to go in the other line. This is why we have rules.

In or out. Which is first? Ok, so I’m on the elevator (or the subway) and my door opens. You know what? I’ve got the right of way. That’s right, let me out before you get on. I hate that. You’re not going to get anywhere faster if you get on first, because I’ve still got to get off. And, you getting on first, well, you just made that more difficult.

You can’t wait 10 seconds? I have road rage. I’m the first to admit. But I think I got it from being in situations where you’re driving down the road with nobody behind you for as far as you can see. Then, what’s that? It’s an idiot pulling out in front of you and then slowing you down to an absolute crawl. Wait until I go by (about 10 seconds) and then do what you please.

There’s no such thing — as a first annual! I hate reading about a First Annual Anything. You know what, unless you’ve had one, it can’t be that! Try just “first” or “innaugural.” Ah, so much better.

Hello. Goodbye. When we’re talking on the phone, don’t end our conversation with “Bye now.” It’s not “now.” It’s just “bye.” Of course it’s now, because that’s when you said it, but you don’t have to announce to the world that you’re saying bye at that exact moment!

Dumb walkers. You know this one. You’re in the mall, leaving a concert or sporting event. Anything with a significant number of people walking at the same time. Well, stick to the rules. Stay on the right. The worst thing you can do? Stop on a dime when people are behind you. Doesn’t matter if there’s something you see or someone you need to talk to. Get out of the way of others before carrying on your business.

I’m sure I’ll think of more. But, what do you think? Tell me one (or more) of your pet peeves.

What else? I got nothin’.

7 Comments on “Pet Peeves”

  1. Anonymous says:

    “First annual” is a national disgrace, as well as “reaggravating an injury” and “comprised of.” And some of those dumb walkers almost ran me over the other day and gave ME the dirty look. Excellent choices.

  2. Molly says:

    I hate it when people add a “R” to the end of “Idea”. It is not Idear. Idear is NOT A WORD!

    Also, people who don’t realize their blinker is on so you have to drive extra cautiously in case they suddenly cut you off. How do they not hear the “tick, tick, tick” of the blinker?

  3. jc says:

    Mike – Did Somebody Smudge your PUMAs?

    Your elevator comment leads me to 2 stories:

    1. 12 story building, I worked on the 12th floor and am in the back….this is circa 1996 or 1997….

    The elevator is PACKED!!!!!

    And I say these words while grunting:

    ” My Kaopectate isn’t holding!….waaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!”

    No laughter, just dirty looks…..The good news? I laughed!

    Last Elevator story, I get in and I’m in NYC in one of the Trade Center buildings years ago….I walk in wearing jeans and into the elevator I go with some guy in a suit and I turn to him and ask him to press 42. He does….and then I look in front of me and there’s the board for me to press a button on my side too.

    Oh well…..I laugh at myself for that because the guy was a little stuffy, but hey….HE PRESSED THE BUTTON….Where’s Pavlov’s Dog when you need him.

    And now I ask myself….what does this have to do with your pet peeves…..?????…..


    Still hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm-ing…………………..

    I don’t know, but I’m guessing non-sensical rants that have nothing to do with what you’ve written about will become one of your pet peeves soon!!!!! hahahahaahahaha.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Grand slam home run. New record. There are no excuses for those.

  5. ME says:

    I’ll add to Molly’s. Don’t add a “T” at the end of across. I hear that too often.

    People who don’t wash their hands after using the restroom.

    Guys who choose the urinal right next to you, even though there are other open ones, not as close.

    Guys who decide to whistle at the urninal, or worse, strike up a conversation.

    People who whistle in public. Please stop.

    People who throw their nasty-ass cigarettes out of their car window. You’re already a disgusting slob since you smoke, so why not use the ashtry in your car. Your car already smells like ass, keep it going.

  6. BP says:

    people who are walking through a doorway and you are walking right behind them…. yet they let the door slam without holding it the 2 more seconds to allow you to grab it!!! How RUDE!

  7. Ford Collins says:

    O.K.- I thought of this today. You could have a First Annual Event if you were referring to it in the past tense. Example: In the year 2004 we had our First Annual Dog Washing Contest. Yes?

    I don’t like the use of the word “alls” I’m never sure if it is the possessive or plural form.

    Cell phones at the grocery checkout while I am waiting (probably behind a guy with too many items for the lane) and he’s going on without realizing it is now time for him to pay. Quite simply inconsiderate.

    How about when there are two doors and people have to wait for you to clear the door on the left when they could easily use the door on the right. Not quite a pet peeve. Just a minor irritant.

    What else? Wait, I can’t use the rest of that line…

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