Weird? For You to Decide

OK. So I’m still relatively new to this whole blog thing. But, safe to say, I think, that we’re off to a good start.

This post represents a milestone in my blogging life. I’ve been tagged. Not exactly sure what that means. I mean, I didn’t feel anything. I just know I’m tagged. And, in the blog world, that means I’m supposed to follow through with the request — which is to tell you, my faithful readers, six weird things about me.

Without further adieu, here goes:

1. I hate wrinkles. Not the kind on skin. The kind on clothes. I can’t leave the house without ironing. Just can’t do it. Sometimes, if I’m dressed in a shirt and tie, I’ll even go so far as to hold my seatbelt off my shirt because I don’t want it to wrinkle. One time, when wearing a shirt prone to wrinkles, I avoided hugging my wife in the morning. Didn’t want her to wrinkle me! Pathetic I know, but what are you going to do? It’s weird.

2. I put mustard on my hamburgers. No ketchup at all. Only put ketchup on meatloaf. And even then, it’s not on the meatloaf. The ketchup goes on the side of the plate and then I dunk the meatloaf in the ketchup with my fork.

3. Going back to the wrinkle thing, sometimes I put my shoes and socks on before I put on my pants. Great visual, I know. But, it doesn’t wrinkle the pants! I just re-read that. I need help.

4. More often than not, I’ll read a magazine from back to front.

5. My iPod has, among many acts, New Kids on the Block. N’Sync. Backstreet Boys. LFO. And, um, yeah, I’m 37.

6. I won’t drink soda out of a plastic bottle unless it has been refrigerated before it’s been opened. It just tastes different. Really.

OK…I’m not tagging anyone. So nobody else has to reveal about themselves. Yet.

What else? I got nothin’.

11 Comments on “Weird? For You to Decide”

  1. BP says:

    you truly do have some “special” moments about yourself

  2. Molly says:

    Thank you for that. It made my day.

  3. Flash says:

    Tagged –
    I thought to get tagged was like leaving your mark – as in – “the gang tagged the subway car in the Bronx”

    Who Marked you Mike, Who amrked you? Are you OK?

    By the way, your rooms are all set.

  4. ME says:

    I can’t begin to understand how putting your pants on over your shoes keeps your pants from being wrinkled. That would destroy my pants. I’m confused…

  5. Mike says:

    Matt — Do it gently enough, not pulling the pants on real hard, and you do it without causing injury to the pants, and while keeping them wrinkle free — for the moment. Pathetic, I know.

  6. ME says:

    Ok, but I’m still thinking doing it that way causes more wrinkles than pointing your shoes on after. Is it the bending over that causes too many wrinkles?

  7. Mike says:

    Matt. too many questions. consider yourself tagged.

  8. ME says:

    You’re supposed to tag five people at once.

  9. jc says:

    hu hu….

    Me said bend over!

  10. jc says:

    Ok, I had my fun on the bend over comment.

    But Mike, I think you may want to talk with someone about these OC things you’ve got going on.

    If your vegetables touch your mashed potatoes, do you get grossed out or do you put it all together and eat it?

  11. Anna S. says:

    Uh…can I leave some ironing at your house?
    Because it just isn’t getting done over here.

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