Ask Questions, Get Answers

I love how this works.

I ask questions, you give answers.

An anonymous source gave me this link in answer to the rocks on the roof question:

And, if you didn’t read the comments about the why do they announce drunk and driving check points, there’s this from my college roommate turned lawyer. He says:

I can offer some insight into the publication of checkpoint locations: it’s called the Constitution. You see, here in America (at least before the Bush Administration gets through with it)we have certain freedoms. One of those freedoms is to be free of unreasonable search and seizures, which a traffic stop certainly may constitute. An unconstitutional stop is one made by the police w/out a reasonable and articulable suspicion. A checkpoint involves just such a situation, so to counterbalance the clear lack of a reasonable and articulable suspicion the Courts have held that the police must do certain things, like publish notice, hold the checkpoint in a place likely to find drunk drivers and establish (or pre-establish, if I could make a play on a previous blog — one that I was clearly the inspiration for) guidelines to prevent cops from pulling over, say, only the white Irish lawyers or the African-Americans (that’s why they have to stop every other car, or every third car, etc…).

Thanks, Chris.

Now, here’s a question I’m not sure anyone can answer.

I’m in the grocery store last night buying Valentine’s Day cards. Me and 50 other guys. Well, one guy is walking around so proudly with his gift for his significant other.

What is it, you ask?

How about one of those ginormous chocolate chip cookies. It gets better. This one was in the shape of a heart, and it had blue frosting around the edge and in the middle where it said Happy Valentine’s Day.

I mean, who in their right mind brings that home? And, if they do, who in their right mind actually enjoys getting it?

That’s all for now.

What else? I got nothin’.

One Comment on “Ask Questions, Get Answers”

  1. jc says:

    Mike –

    to answer your question who in their right mind does that?

    You’re talking to a guy who, in 1995 – Feb 14th – gave his girlfriend at that time of 4 months a head of lettuce as her flowers and told her I was all about multi-tasking.

    She didn’t know what to say…..but, to be fair, I did make her a killer dinner.

    Aaaaaahhhhhh…..the memories.

    Ok….Now back to reality. What did you get Mrs. FIJ for Valentines Day – ASIDE FROM THAT COOKIE!

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