Two Things I Don’t Get

Faithful readers, I give you two posts in two days. Can you stand it?

These two things are ones that are worthy of mention, but perhaps not worthy of a full rant. So, you get the combined effort.

Here we go:

Ever notice what’s on the roof of many commercial buildings, i.e., hospitals, schools, industrial buildings. I’m talking about flat roof buildings.

Why are there rocks on a flat roof? Have you noticed this? I have. I remember the first time I saw it was on the college dorm I lived in freshman year. Most recently, it was on the roof of one of our local casinos.

I don’t understand. Explain it to me, please.


The local paper this morning continued what seems to be a regular practice, at least in these parts. They announce when and — get this — where the next drunk driving checkpoints will be. They are as clear as saying on this date we’ll be on this road.

Now, in now way shape or form am I advocating driving under the influence, but if someone out there sees this and knows they are going to be out that night and may have a few drinks, why are we telling them exactly where the cops will be?

Attention all drunks, avoid Route 32, on St. Patrick’s Day. The cops are going to be there.

Again, I don’t understand. Explain it to me, please.

What else? I got nothin’.

7 Comments on “Two Things I Don’t Get”

  1. jc says:

    om…you gotta keep in mind….if you’re drunk….you’re drunk and there ain’t no way you’re going to remember a DUI check point….until it’s too late….or, you will realize it because you’re a constant offender with issues to resolve.

    What else? I got somethin’ alright!

  2. ME says:

    Wow, two posts in less than a day!

    As for the roof thing, I thought you meant that people were throwing them up there. Then I remembered my view from my office at Foxwoods. There were a lot of rocks up there. Weird.

    That was a decent job. It’s too bad I was hoodwinked by a former member of your staff. 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    No idea on the roof rocks, but I can offer some insight into the publication of checkpoint locations: it’s called the Constitution. You see, here in America (at least before the Bush Administration gets through with it)we have certain freedoms. One of those freedoms is to be free of unreasonable search and seizures, which a traffic stop certainly may constitute. An unconstitutional stop is one made by the police w/out a reasonable and articulable suspicion. A checkpoint involves just such a situation, so to counterbalance the clear lack of a reasonable and articulable suspicion the Courts have held that the police must do certain things, like publish notice, hold the checkpoint in a place likely to find drunk drivers and establish (or pre-establish, if I could make a play on a previous blog — one that I was clearly the inspiration for) guidelines to prevent cops from pulling over, say, only the white Irish lawyers or the African-Americans (that’s why they have to stop every other car, or every third car, etc…).

    Okay, enough Constitutional law. Feel free to get back to the good stuff, like what you had for breakfast.

  4. John Ish says:

    The rocks are for pelting people who ask stupid questions.

  5. John Ish says:

    Please stop by the anti-Oafie blog at

  6. jc says:

    Word on the street tells me that Chris (your college roommate) is the campaign manager for Dick Cheney For President for 2008.

    Vote For Dick. You know you want to.

  7. Anna S. says:

    I was hoping for clarity on the rocks from one of your enlightened readers. I’ve often wondered that, too.

    Nice “pay it forward” story. As we talked about the other day, it all keeps coming around in some kind of cosmic circle.

    And I thought of you when I filled out my CVS EXTRA!care card application the other day, because they advertised FREE KEY RETURN SERVICE just like that, in all caps. Makes me want to toss my keys out the window and just see if they can make good on this one.

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