Emptying a Cluttered Mind

Ok, loyal lurkers, it’s OK to post comments. I know you’ve got them, because you’ve mentioned them to me when we talk. Feel free to say it here. I won’t bite.

Super Bowl is Sunday. I couldn’t care less. I almost feel less American for writing that. But, without my team in it (when they should be), it’s really all about commercials for me. And snacks.

New musical favorites: Mat (yup, only one ‘t’) Kearney, Death Cab for Cutie and Augustana. They have finally taken over Dora the Explorer songs as ‘most played’ on my iPod.

Word pet peeve: you can’t have a first annual anything. It can’t be annual if it hasn’t happened yet!

Word pet peeve #2: there is no pre-heating the oven. Once you turn it on, guess what? It’s heating! The only time your oven, then, is pre-heating is when it’s not on.

Word pet peeve #3: the same goes for pre-boarding an airplane. “Children traveling alone, those with special needs, you can now pre-board.” No you can’t. Once you start toward the plane, guess what? You’re boarding!

Sorry. That stuff just drives me crazy.

I’m watching the American Idol auditions for the first time. And liking it. There, I said it. I like to watch people be made fun of. You do, too.

Fun kid comment of the week. The boy was playing with his Thomas engines, specifically Gordon and Henry. “Gordon and Henry friends, daddy.”

“That’s right, buddy, they are. Who, though, is your best buddy?”

“Mommy and Daddy.”

Aw, man.

No real weekend plans. And that’s OK.

Not one funny thing in this blog. That’s not OK.

What else? I got nothin’.

3 Comments on “Emptying a Cluttered Mind”

  1. jc says:


    Look it up. It ain’t there. Technically, the word is ….REGARDLESS.

    By saying IR-REGARDLESS….you’re making a double negative, airgo – it’s a positive….so it’s really….REGARDFUL?

  2. ME says:

    What do you mean there was nothing funny in there? There was something hysterical! The thing you said about your football team that is supposed to be in the Super Bowl. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!

  3. F C says:

    Airgo? Is “airgo” a word now?

    I thought the musings on words was funny.

    You might be getting too hard on yourself.

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