Final Thoughts on 2006

Well, it’s almost over.

2006, that is.

But, fear not, loyal readers, I am here for you — providing one last post for you this year. I have given up my New Year’s Eve plans so that I could be here for you.

Yeah, right. Actually, New Year’s Eve hasn’t really been a big party time for me. Can’t even remember the last party I was at to celebrate it. Will try to watch the ball drop tonight, but I’ll inevitably end up falling asleep in my chair, waking up at like 1:30 and going, Damn, missed it again.

You can tell I’m concerned.

Some final ramblings for the year:

Happy Birthday, Molly. No need for a card, right? I know you’re reading this.

My son, who has decided that, apparently, I’m the meanest man in the world, forgot about that for a minute tonight to say, “Happy New Year, Daddy.” No matter how tough a day it had been, all was right with the world once he said that.

I’m going to try and watch Saw tonight. Fun New Year’s Eve entertainment, I know.

Still have our Christmas tree up. Longest we’ve gone. Probably will come down tomorrow.

I took this entire week off, but it always goes by sooo fast. Lots on the do list at the start of the week. Lots there now.

Haven’t made up a list of resolutions yet. But, I hope to do that. The last few years, I’ve done pretty well in that department.

How long into 2007 before I stop writing 2006 on checks and stuff?

Why was I sitting at the computer the other night waiting to see who was first to have pictures of Saddam?

New Year’s Eve….and no snow yet. Weird.

2006 was a very good year. No complaints anywhere.

2007 — sure to be an amazing one as well.

Especially June 20.

Because that’s the due date of our second child. Gulp.

What else? I got nothin’.

4 Comments on “Final Thoughts on 2006”

  1. Anna S. says:

    Cut it out!
    The best way to break the news, EVER!
    So exciing!

    A happy 2007 to all of you!

  2. ME says:


    Good for you! CONGRATS!!!

  3. molly says:

    Yay yay yay. If you don’t bring that baby in so I can kiss it’s cheeks I’ll be very mad.

    And thanks for the birthday shout-out…even though I didn’t read it until today!

  4. John Campbell says:

    The Red Sox Suck!

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