The Magic of Christmas

The Christmas whirlwind has ended — I think.

But, while I wonder how this post-Christmas week (which I always take for vacation) always go by so fast, it’s fun to remember some of the very cool things that happened during any of our three Christmases.

First, my family gathers at my mom’s on Christmas Eve. Chinese food is the traditional meal before presents. Then, we gather in the living room, over stuffing it as best we can.

I have three siblings. This year, we decided to draw names among siblings and spouses/significant others. It worked out pretty well. We bought for one person in that group and then everyone bought for the kids.

Despite that plan, however, it seemed like there were more gifts than ever under Mom’s always great-looking tree.

My son opened his first package and basically threw it down in disgust. It was sort of funny. He got clothes as his first present….and while all the other clothes he got were a hit, this first present wasn’t so much a winner. A toy would have been better. But, what can you do.

He did amazingly well and got lots of great stuff.

Then, Christmas morning was at our house. He was into Christmas so much this year. Totally getting everything. My wife and I were excited for what Christmas morning was going to be like. He woke up at 6 a.m., which was great. For the first 10 minutes as he woke up, it was like a normal day. We were just talking to him in his crib, nothing major.

Then, it was like something went off in his head…he sort of stopped in the middle of talking, looked quizzically at us both and said, “Santa come?”

And from that point on, the next two hours were pure magic. I’ll never do it justice with words, but it might have been the most fun time yet as a parent. This was just the perfect age for him and Christmas. So innocent. So fun.

Then, after our house, we did it all over again — this time at my in-laws. We went over for breakfast and then did our third set of presents in less than 24 hours. Pretty good odds for a 2 1/2 year old. More great stuff for him. More smiles. More wonder. More just pure Christmas joy.

I knew it would be fun this year. But this was more than I could have imagined.

What else? I got nothin’.

2 Comments on “The Magic of Christmas”

  1. Mrs. Palmer says:

    Merry Christmas! Missed you the last night on LLT! Some good stories for you! Happy New Year! I hope the new year brings great things to you and your family! Be Well. See you later!

  2. ME says:

    There’s nothing better than Christmas through the eyes of your child. Good stuff!

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