Wednesday Ramblings

A few odds and ends for you on this hump day. It’s a big hump for me, actually. Today is my last day of work until January 2. Can I get a woo-hoo?!


There, much better.

First up, have to share something with you from my son, who is two-and-a-half. We’re working diligently on potty training. We are trying to get him to spend less and less time in diapers during the day. Knowing that, here’s how a conversation went this morning:

Him: Daddy, I have diaper on?

Me: Yes, buddy, you do.

Him: Moments of silence why he does his ‘work.’

Me: Ok, buddy, let’s get you cleaned up before we have to go.

Him: Not done, daddy.

Me: Still poopin’?

Him: One more poop, Daddy. Yes, sir!

The “yes, sir” was hysterical. You probably had to be there.

Ok, next up….

I mentioned how our office is getting a number of gifts from vendors. Again, I appreciate the thought and the effort. I really do.

But, here’s the thing: All boxes of assorted chocolates need to have a map or guide included. this way, you wont’ bite into the creamy nougat flavored one (which you then have to throw away) when you really wanted to bite into the white chocolate truffle.

Do we need government legislation on this? How can we protect our interest to know that we’ll never bite into crappy chocolate again?

And, speaking of chocolate, don’t mix fruit with my chocolate. Forget about raspberry or strawberry — or, god forbid, orange — flavored chocolate. If I want chocolate. That’s all I want.

Shopping’s not done. Not feeling too stressed. Yet.

What else? I got nothin’.

One Comment on “Wednesday Ramblings”

  1. ME says:

    Merry Christmas!!

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