All You Have to Do is Ask

It’s amazing sometimes, how asking a simple question can benefit you in the long run.

I’m incredibly anal about customer service. I expect it. And I expect it to be great. And if it’s not, I’m the guy who complains about it.

See the sign on a truck in front of you, “How’s my driving?” Well, I’m the guy who tells him.

It’s always fun to see how things work, too. Got my credit card bill the other day. We always pay the balance in full. But, due to paycheck timing and the Thanksgiving holiday, my check apparently arrived on the same day it was due. Citibank tagged me with a $39 late fee and then finance charges to boot.

So, I called them up and explained that I was a longtime customer who always paid on time and given the holiday, could they please wipe the charge. “No problem, sir, we’d be happy to.” Saved myself $45 with a 30 second phone call.
Had something weird on my Directv bill the other day, too. It wasn’t a charge, but I didn’t understand something, so I called to make sure that I eventually understood what they said. Then, during the conversation, the phone rep makes some reference to my past experiences with the company.

At that point, I said I was always happy, even after my first year when they gave me a month of Showtime just for lasting a year with Directv. He said they appreciate that type of feedback. So I said, well, how can I get that again? Do you ever run promos or anything.

He then offered me three-free months of all the Showtime channels.

“What’s the catch?” I asked.

“No catch, sir.”


“Nothing at all. We just want to keep you as a customer.”

They sure will. And I’m glad I asked.

So, what else? I got nothin’.

2 Comments on “All You Have to Do is Ask”

  1. ME says:

    Ain’t DirecTV the best? Good for you. Next time, see if you can score a free preview for NFL Sunday Ticket.

    Watch Dexter!

  2. Meghan says:

    You sure did a good job on the free items! I also always speak up about late fees and things that I see on my bank acocunts. I am never overdrawn on any checks and when I saw a charge of $35 for insufficient funds I had to call. I told them about the fact that my paycheck was deposited on the same day that I made a transfer and I have always had a great standing with my Commerce account. The rep on the phone told me that at that moment he was crediting my account for the $35. It always pays to speak up!
    My husband will always do that at a restaurant when he has received great service. He will always ask for the manager to speak highly of the waiter/waitress. It makes the manager feel good and hopefully the employee gets a little perk for the great feedback. They usually say that it’s nice to hear something pleasant when all they usually hear are complaints.

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