Where Do You Sit?

Faitful readers, thank you for the response to the last question. An interesting topic. As I think this one is, too.

Now that I know where you sleep, I want to know where you sit.

I’m talking about when you go out to dinner with your significant other. So, two of you at the restaurant.

Now, there are two scenarios in play here.

First, the booth:

Do you sit across from each other? Or, do you sit on the same side of the booth, leaving the opposite side empty?

I could never imagine sitting on the same side as my wife. I just don’t get that. Besides the fact that it looks strange, doesn’t it hurt your neck if you have to keep turning to talk to the other person?

The only time I can see sitting on the same side as your signficant other in a booth is if you are with another couple (or kids or something). But, when it’s just the two of you, I just can’t figure that out.

Second scenario, the table:

Ok, so it’s just two of you again. This time, you’re sitting at a table with four chairs. Where do you sit? Do you face each other on opposite sides of the table? Or, doe you sit ‘next’ to each other by sitting at perpendicular sides of the table?

This one is a little more flexible, I think. Again, my wife and I would typically be opposite of each other. That’s not always the case, though. I can’t think of a scenario right now, but I know we have abandoned the opposite thing once or twice. It’s more of a case-by-case basis than the booth scenario.

So, my faithful readers, where do you sit?

What else? I got nothin’.

4 Comments on “Where Do You Sit?”

  1. ME says:

    I never sit on the same side of the booth unless there are more than just the two of us.

    As for home, we’re usually on opposite ends or one on the end & one on the side.

  2. Anna S. says:

    Eeeeeew! to couples that sit on the same side. They deserve to be mocked. And to have stiff necks.

    The other scenario all depends on where the wall is, in my opinion.

    Hey, so is this how it is around the office?

  3. Meghan says:

    I agree that the couples should be mocked for sitting next to each other… I hate talking in the car when I have to strain my neck..nevermind the whole neck strain from sitting on the same side of the booth!

    As for the table- I pretty much think we always sit across from each other..

  4. molly (because I *want* to answer, not because you complained) says:

    Booth- we sit across from each other. ALWAYS. None of this next-to-each-other crap.


    And he always has to face the door. I think it’s a cop thing.

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