Healthy Fries?

Ok, nutritional question for you.

I had a great lunch today. I ate at a local spa/resort type place. Really great chicken wrap. And, on the side — ‘herb crusted fries’.

My thought is this, if I’m at a spa, they’ve got to be healthy fries, right? I mean, isn’t that why they were described as ‘herb crusted’?

A spa wouldn’t serve fries that are bad for you. Would they?

Wait. Maybe they would. Maybe it’s a ploy by the spa spies to get me to go there and actually work off the herb-crusted fries.

Bottom line — never trust the spa spies.

And, another thing. So, this lunch was a working lunch. It was a meeting of four people.

And, because of that, I was over-dressed. Significantly over dressed.

What was I wearing? Well, just my usual — khakis and a plaid shirt.

But, here’s the thing. Of the other 50 or so people in the restaurant, I’d say 45 of them were in spa clothes — read, bathrobes.

Yup, eating in their bathrobes. Not for breakfast, mind you, when I think eating in your bathrobe (if you wear one) is completely acceptable.

This was at lunch.

And, OK, I can admit. While I was debating between the aforementioned herb-crusted fries and a side salad, I was also wondering if the people wearing the bathrobes were going commando.

Tell me you wouldn’t do the same thing. I don’t believe you.

One Comment on “Healthy Fries?”

  1. Molly says:

    “Maybe if I wasn’t going….commando!”

    It would have crossed my mind as well. But after some thought I think they were *probably* just topless. I mean, how reliant are bathrobes really? One cross of the legs and it’s woo-woo city.

    And wouldn’t that violate some sort of health code having bottomless people eating in a restaurant? But then again…what about nudest colonies? They’re always bottomless, right? And they’ve got to eat. Something to think about….or maybe not.

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