Do Guys Wear Hoodies?

So a buddy of mine is going to Fenway tonight to see the Sox. He’ll be five rows behind homeplate, which means I could probably see him on TV (if I really wanted to). And that would be the only reason to watch since I stopped watching them regularly about a month ago.

Anyway, I asked my friend, “Will you have a hat on or will you be wearing anything that will help me find you?”

“I won’t have a hat on, but I’ll probably be wearing my Patriots hoodie.”

I was speechless at first. Then I said, “Wait a minute” and my voice trailed off.

He was like, “Oh boy, something’s coming.”

Damn right something’s coming, I said.

It’s a hoodie thing. I have lots of things. Trust me. But the hoodie thing is one of my newest.

When did it stop being just a hooded sweatshirt?

And, more importantly, as I told my friend, it’s just not right for guys (particularly those in their 40s like him) to be talking about their hoodie. College girls wear hoodies. High school girls wear hoodies. Guys — we shouldn’t be wearing hoodies.

I can’t offer any concrete rationale for it being wrong. I just know it is.

Isn’t it?

2 Comments on “Do Guys Wear Hoodies?”

  1. baldisbelle says:

    LOL youre right. guys look horrible in them

  2. dkzody says:

    You need to hang out on a high school campus (no, not really) and you will realize that is all kids wear now–hoodies are everywhere and that ‘s what they call them.

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