The Ultimate Dinner Party

Not sure where I first heard this question, but it’s probably my favorite conversation starter:

You’re hosting a dinner party for four people — you and three guests. The guests can be anyone. Alive. Dead. Real. Ficticious.

Who do yo invite?

I can never land on one group, so I have a few. Some logical. Some kind of cool. Some just plain odd.

For example, I never met either of my grandfathers, so I’d start with them. And, I don’t remember a lot of one of my grandmothers, so she would round out the first table of four.

Next table is just a party of three. I’d invite my dad (who passed away six years ago) to have dinner with my two-year-old son and me. I’d love to see how they get along.

Then, I start having fun. Imagine the conversation (not too mention the looks) if JFK, Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe were my guests.

I’m a sports nut — a Boston sports nut at that — so I’d invite Ted Williams, Larry Bird and probably Red Aurebach.

Gotta have my music party, so I’d invite Jon Bon Jovi, Michael Stipe and probably Elton John.

My religious party would have me breaking bread with Jesus, Moses and Peter.

In my completely crazy party, I’d invite Ted Bundy, Charles Manson and Hitler.

You see that you can start to have fun with this. Think of the conversations that would be started. Think of the looks these parties would generate if you were in a restaurant. Think of the fun you would have to sit back and just enjoy.

So, enough about me, who would you invite to dinner?

3 Comments on “The Ultimate Dinner Party”

  1. Molly says:

    My Mema, because I miss her so much.
    Eric Hawkins, because of his amazing talent.
    Your sister, so I could get all the dirt. 🙂

  2. ME says:

    Kate Beckinsale, Jackie Robinson & George Washington.

  3. […] I’ve actually blogged about it before. It was one of my first entries, and you can find it here. I actually like one of the tables I listed in that blog. Imagine dining with JFK, RFK and Marilyn […]

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