Call Me Cynical, but….

Ok, let’s call this one a rambling rant. I’m half ranting and mostly rambling, so that’s what you get.

I’m sorry, but I don’t get this big news story about Steve Irwin. He’s dead. I’m sorry for that. (Honest.) Nobody deserves to go the way he did. But, a couple of things. He’s a croc hunter — his time was coming eventually, no?

But, more importantly, is it really this big of a deal? “Breaking News” all over the place that Steve Irwin is dead? The local paper here has a spot on its website for people to post messages of condolences. Honestly? Who reads that stuff (Ok, I do…some of it is just so funny)? Who writes that stuff (I don’t do that!)? Do the people that write it honestly believe that Steve’s family will read this stuff? Are people so hurt by his loss that they need to publicly express their grief?

I don’t get it. Help me understand this.

One Comment on “Call Me Cynical, but….”

  1. debrannie says:

    i like rob bredl better…

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